The Alchemist

Recently at a get together I got in a discussion with a friend. He is the boyfriend of one of my very good friends and he recently bought her a makeup palette that she really wanted to get but couldn’t find. I was happy that he bought it for her and made her a very happy lady. He started to say that since she and I love makeup and since we do it so well, (her eyebrows are nothing less than perfection!), that we should look into doing something with that passion. I mentioned that I have been on a big baking kick and how everyone has been commenting on my baked yummies, and how they all tell me I should sell them. (Literally had a girl at my job come by my desk yesterday to tell me that she told EVERYONEEE in her family and all the coworkers that left early for the holidays on how AH-MAZING the mini rum cakes I made were and to ask if I planned on making them again soon.) My friend’s boyfriend asked me have I ever read The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho. Coincedentally it is on my list of books that I wanted to read.


[When I was younger I had a very big passion for reading and writing, I would dedicate countless hours to sitting with a book in my hand getting lost in the story. I absolutely loved science fiction novels, and am proud to say that I am a devout Harry Potter fan. I think around the time I started college I just didn’t carve out the time to keep up my reading hobby, and it’s time to change that so I went and bought The Alchemist, along with 2 other books and started to read.]

I’ve been hearing about The Alchemist for a while now, and I am happy I finally got to read it. It’s a story that talks about omens, and the universe conspiring to help you when you really want something. It got me thinking on a few of the good omens I’ve been shown, and what I think my friend’s boyfriend was trying to say. Maybe I should take the steps toward figuring out what my personal omens really mean…

Anyway do you have any good book recommendations?


2 thoughts on “The Alchemist

  1. Genevieve laidley says:

    I am so glad that u are back into your reading. Not only is it good gor you but also good for Brielle. When they see you with a book and you teach them to do the same it brings out the passion of reading books in them. Keep doing what ur doing mommie. Love u😍😘😀


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