pinterest project #2

[[this post is soooo overdue. like really. i intended to post it after my pinterest project #1 post -like 4 months ago (!!) butttt it really didn’t get completed til like a week ago. so here it finally is. speaking of pinterest project #1, that actually got a facelift too which i’ll address at the end…]]

growing up, my grandma would mark how tall each of my cousins and i were on a door frame in her house. it was always amazing to see how far we had grown since the last time we got measured. and i believe it may still be on the same doorframe at her house to this day!

now i have a little one of my own, who is growing right before my eyes and its my turn to record her milestones! but we don’t own this house and i want to keep her measurements and use it as a piece of decor as well! enter giant ruler idea. i’ve seen this idea floating around pinterest and somehow D heard of it too. at lowes we picked up a 6ft long 1″ thick piece of wood. (i think he said it was like $10) we also got some yellow paint, and a roller brush since our other one is MIA at the moment. he gave it 2 coats of yellow paint after i sanded the edges a sides a little.i found some number stencils out of my craft supply i had and black paint to mark each foot off. he also marked the half foot marks.

[the first draft of this ruler is on the other side. we counted out exactly where each foot was, starting from one end and marked that, but if you look in most houses you have a baseboard which would make hanging this little number a little tricky, so we flipped it over and started over. this time he measured how tall the baseboard was and subtracted that from our ruler.][ we also couldn’t find the number 1 stencil this time around but she’s taller than a foot anyway so we’ll figure that out later 🙂 ]

it hadn’t been a week before her crayon marks blessed the ruler but it makes it more beautiful in our eyes 🙂


and what happened to pinterest project numero uno? well lets just say D’s shoulder and our little lamp got into a minor altercation and his shoulder won. it was ok, we weren’t super fond of that particular bottle anyway, and luckily we had this nice big one on hand to fix it because I’ve grown very fond of having a bedside lamp. especially when i’m cuddled up in bed and don’t want to get up to turn the light off for the night !