Old Rice = Fried Rice.

Who doesn’t like fried rice, raise your hand.

Now be ashamed of yourself! Fried rice is awesome. Unless you can’t eat rice in which case I apologize. But seriously, you can put anything in it and it’s great!

What I love even more about it, is that babygirl likes it. She has been a little bit of a picky eater lately and white rice is just not cutting it for her. But fried rice? OH YES, she will take more. and then some more.

And what most people don’t know is that it is so easy to make at home! I sometimes don’t like the taste of reheated white rice but I will eat fried rice day after day and not get tired. Maybe I was asian in a past life? who knows.

If you have leftover rice this is a great use for that, because old rice makes the best fried rice! Or when I really am craving it, I will make rice then cool it in the fridge/ freezer for a bit. (It seems to help)

What did I use?

White rice


Garlic & Garlic Salt

Soy Sauce

Mirin (most people use sesame oil but I only had Mirin which is not the same but I tried it and it tastes good)

Cooked Chicken


Scrambled Eggs

1. Left my rice in the fridge til I was really ready for it. Peeled and diced my carrots.

2. Took a large skillet and heat it up. Put about 2 tbsp of butter and 2 cloves of garlic. Waited til that melted out a bit and threw in some garlic salt. When the garlic cloves looked like it marinated the butter a little I removed from the pan.

3. Put carrots in the pan to cook for a bit, I need them to be a little soft for little mama.

4. Added the rice to the pan and let it cook for a bit, I let it actually kind of fry in the butter.

5. Added in some of the Mirin (most people swear by using Sesame Oil which i didn’t have, but will need to get for future experiments) and tossed that through. After  it made its way thru all the mix, I added in some soy sauce. I stirred til all the rice was coated and made sure that it was the color I liked, added more as needed.

6. I diced up my cooked chicken and threw that in the pan as well. I let the fried rice sit on low at this point.

7. I scrambled up some eggs in a pan and then after they were cooked I used my spatula to try and dice it all up into small pieces. Which I then added into the fried rice.

You can use any veggies you like, I only felt like carrots this time, and didn’t have green onions or else I probably would have used those as well. If you add milk to your scrambled eggs it makes them fluffy which I prefer. This is also a great way to use up chicken that you kind of didn’t want to eat as is, which happens to me with my leftover chicken sometimes lol.I also find that this is a great meal prep option, as I never have a taste issue with reheating fried rice.




i get off of work so excited to see the light!

after being inside an office during the most enjoyable parts of the day, i am so elated to pick my princess up and see her beautiful shining face!

and i think of the list of things i will accomplish as soon as i get home. sometimes i even write them down on a notepad, so i can feel good about doing them and cross them off as my prize. my list today includes things like find the papers i need to file my taxes, looking into building a website for my  budding side business, finish the laundry so i can have clean dish towels again, get a quick home workout in since I’ve been in a long work training all week and haven’t had time to go to the gym, and get myself ready for tomorrow. oh yeah make sure i eat something for dinner too.

and then i look around my house and i see what a mess it is. dolls are all over my family room floor covered in blankets and the remaining dish towels (because they are sleepy and going “night night”), i have broken crayons all the way from my bathroom to the kitchen, and various other house items strewed in along the way as well :batteries, cards my little one has colored on, pieces of mail she’s retracted from the counters, shoes, a couch throw, and box of things i need to donate to Goodwill.

i can’t find my fuzzy house shoes cause little miss has decided she likes to try and walk in them, and all she can think about when she walks thru the door is crackers and juice. i know she’s hungry so i try to fix her dinner which thankfully i had already prepared last night. pasta with meat sauce. she doesn’t want it. she wants an apple (which is really an orange) only she just wants to play with it. and now its on the floor, if i had known that i wouldn’t have taken the time to peel it so carefully and remove all the little stringy white things. and she wants her elmo books. but i want her to eat her dinner. she doesn’t want it. i take bites to show her its yummy and maybe she will get jealous that I’m eating her food  with her spoon. she doesn’t bite the bait.

i try to warm up some chicken, she’s a big fan of chicken especially fried chicken, like tenders. but she doesn’t want this chicken. i just want her to eat some dinner. i’m getting tired and frustrated, she’s whining, and i haven’t started on any of my list. she’s not eating anyway so i do some laundry. i walk thru the kitchen and try to find something else she will eat, i tell her ill send her to her bed hungry since she’s being bratty but my heart doesn’t mean that. she sees me pull the bag from the freezer and she shouts “pancakes pancakes !” i smile, I’ve been waiting for her to eat something.

after i bathe her, wash her hair and detangle it, i sit on the couch and i am tired. i eat her pasta for dinner. i can’t find all of the tax papers i was looking for, i don’t feel like moving the laundry over, and do a couple sets of squats to try and keep myself motivated. i catch a toe cramp doing jump squats which is like a sign to me that I shouldn’t push myself. i am tired. i’ve accomplished a lot i tell myself, because its true. so i don’t have the same motivation when i got home that i had while on the way home, my baby girl is fed and clean and smiled and gave me kisses, and a headache, but she told me she loved me and looking at her beautiful face is all that matters to me anyway.


Baby email

I think, I’m going to sign my baby girl up for an email… Don’t call me crazy, there is a method to my madness. I know she’s advanced and seems to be good with technology as young as she is, but I’m not trying to get extra coupons or dropbox storage space I swear! With this email I want to do something special for her.
First, I want to get her a good one while I can ! (I remember when I was trying to get a “professional” email address it seemed all variations of my name were taken which was annoying.)
But really I want to do it so I can write to her. What started out as a blog about her and my pregnancy has evolved into a fun place to tell you about what’s going on in our lives. It’s a place where I show you pictures, and recipes, and share stories about little things that happen, (ok I need to get back on this part but I have been really busy!) But really I want to capture our moments in words and be able to give them to her for when she’s old enough to remember and understand how much mommy and daddy and all her family love her. I want her to look back on all the funny, cute things she did and have her own scrapbook of memories and pictures that I will secretly keep for her. I want to write her stories, that she can go back and read later on and see how much she really means to me, excuse me while I grab a tissue to wipe my eyes right now. 🙂