New toys

As you may or may not have noticed I have been baking! So much so that I have not had time to even post about it lol.

It’s pretty exciting for me, cause well everyone has given me great reviews on my yummies so far. And that makes my heart happy; that I can make their tummies happy. 🙂

Anyway, I got a few goodies at the store that I’m super excited about. Honestly I only went in for a cake box and some fondant, (going to try and make my own cause i heard the wilton one is not tasty but i want to practice modeling and flowers with it), BUT I saw a bunch of stuff on sale (!!) that I wanted to get in the future anyway…You know I love a good sale and/or clearance finds, especially when i have a 20% entire purchase coupon. It’s like they knew I was coming 🙂

Picked up (and borrowed these images from google) :

large size roller ( i also have 2 small ones)

Flower stamens

Drying rack for flowers

Flower formers

sweet pea cutters

brushes (for dusting)

a couple of clearance cake boards

some wiltons decorated preferred fondant

a box to hold an 8″ cake

and i think that’s about it? i’m not entirely sure as I’ve put everything away now lol.

i also purchased from amazon a set that includes a fondant smoother, roller, modeling tools, and fondant plungers and cutters.

im soo excited 😀 😀


One thought on “New toys

  1. Patricia John (Granny) says:

    You are too much. It does sound very exciting though. Cannot wait to see some of yyour flowers. I am sure you can also make green leaves with the method I send you for chocolate. Your creations, I am sure will be fabulous. Love you


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