Biscuit pizza

I am not a fan of cooking on Fridays, something about the weekend just screams relax and get out the kitchen (unless it involves baking yummies ! Lol). My mom has this thing where she does NOT cook on Fridays either, pretty sure I’ve come to adopt her philosophy.

Anyway this past Friday, I needed something to feed mini and myself. We ate all of my meal prepped food for the week and I didn’t feel like standing at the stove to make something. Soo I thought about what I had in my kitchen and what felt Friday appropriate. Pizza.

[But when isn’t pizza appropriate? I mean come on, bread and cheese alone: yummmmm. Throw in some saucy tomato goodness and voila! Amazingness that you can eat with your hands. I seriously think pizza should be in the major food groups but what do I know. ]

Anyways, I didn’t have a premade crust, and I didn’t feel like attempting to make my own dough (which I will do soon cause I can, with my mixer!) but I had biscuits! You know the kind that come in the tube that you pop out and separate and bake for like 10 mins? Yup those, I’m sure you have some in your fridge right now. They are a great quick side for dinner so I know when they’re on sale I grab a few.

Anyway I popped those out and put them on a baking sheet, and pressed them flat. I didn’t use a rolling pin or anything, just used my fingers and kept pressing til I had a flatter disk to work with.

Then I spread tomato sauce on my mini pizzas.

I only had cheddar cheese so I layed that heavily and realized that I had some spinach so I shredded that up and only covered two before my oven was ready.

We really weren’t in a mood for waiting any longer for dinner 🙂 two spinach and 3 cheese it would be.

I baked them for about 15 mins at 350 and dinner was ready.

After enjoying them, I think I maybe could have cooked them longer? The crust wasn’t as crusty but I’m not sure if that’s because I was using a biscuit and not pizza dough lol. Maybe I could have precooked them for a few mins before adding my pizza toppings? They were good but not perfect. They did make a good quick fun dinner though !



One thought on “Biscuit pizza

  1. Patricia John (Granny) says:

    They really look yummy. The consistancy of Biscuits and lighter and fluffier than pizza dough. Publix actually sells pizza dough which can make two pizzas. It usually is where the frozen breads
    and pies are, sometimes at the bakery. It comes in a plastic bag. It is very good, and it can be frozen. Whereas, biscuits you cannot freeze. I made the mistake at Bertrand’s, many years ago, while putting things away after grocery shopping, putting the rolls of biscuits in the freezer. Did I get told off!!!


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