Fairy Room

As my baby girl grows up and more of her personality is revealed, i thought it was also time to update her room. I did like the girly jungle room she had but I had my eyes set on something more magical and dainty for her…

A tinkerbell inspired fairy room! (My inspiration for her room was fueled by own love of the character to be honest:) , but I think that just drives me to make it more awesome)

It’s not done yet but here’s a few progress pics to give you a sneak peek:



20150427-193952-70792914.jpgI found the fairy silhouette decals on Amazon, and most of the picture frames from the dollar store.






I wanted all the frames to have a unifying color but be slightly different, so I picked a bunch of different size and type frames and used white gloss acrylic paint to cover them. Last year we had an impromptu photo shoot with her in a tutu and wings,and i absolutely adore those photos! It seemed only right to feature her whimsical pics in her new fairy room. I also printed out a few peter pan/tinkerbell photos (that i found on google) to keep it fun.


In trying to create a fairy door, I came up emptyhanded at Joann for a doll house door. But in their wood section we found a cute wood box that had a metal latch, and it was only $1. D took it apart and moved the box latch to make it look like a door knob, and I painted it brown with wood grain. I might add some twigs and leaves around it to give it more character later.

The thing I’m really excited for is in transit to our house as I type this! Can’t wait to show you!