more tink updates!

Did a few more things to add to the theme, im only going to give you a sneak peek though 🙂

first is this super dainty netting around her bed. (this wasn’t in my original plan and caused me to change where i placed the thing in the next pic) but i love that it makes her room seem a little more magical. i love that i thought to add this in here cause it really adds to her room.


second is this awesome decal. i had planned for this to go above her bed, but then i thought of the net idea and didnt want to hide the decal behind it. so i was going to put it on a diff wall, before i found what is in the next pic, so we ended up decided for it to go in the hallway to her room. we currently have a fairy sitting on the outlet across from this wall so it really does work out there. when i originally ordered it the text in the picture said something different, and upon receiving it i notified the shop owner. he was so quick to respond and told me he was sorry and he would ship out the other one right away… and he did! i am so happy (!!) buying from him after his display of awesome customer service! [- unlike another etsy seller i had a problem with]. i def recommend him !! and will probably be getting something else from him after we finish doing her room. his link is > if you are interested in seeing what other awesome stuff he has in his shop.


and the next pic is more of a sneak pic of what is going on the wall where we had the most space to use. i was soooo excited for this part and still am. i think she is too 🙂 even daddy kept saying how coool babygirl’s room is now.