log! DIY

party decor DIY !

in case you didn’t know or figure it out.. we are throwing a Tinkerbell party for baby girl! goes so nicely with her newly decorated room dontcha think? 🙂

anyway, there’s a lot of paths i could have taken for decorating to the theme but as we are doing it at home, i chose to decorate like Tink’s home, Pixie Hollow. (And for those who don’t know Pixie Hollow is in the forest. Dont feel bad if you didn’t know that, we have watched a lot of Tinkerbell movies, little mama and I.)

I scoured a lot of my party websites for  forest ideas and decor but i just wanted to make some of it myself to save on the cost and because i had the materials needed. [[and because i like doing arts and crafts 🙂 lol]]

first project: fake log!

i don’t have a chainsaw or a tree to cut and i wanted some log items to go with the forest theme. i know they have cut pieces at the craft store but i wanted something a little different then what i found. so i gathered up:


glue + water (1 part to 2 parts)


cylinder type containers (i used an empty oatmeal cardboard container and a big plastic gatorade powder container)

paint (brown, black, red, creme)

cling wrap

( should be easy if you’ve ever done paper mache before, i dont have pics of the process but here’s what i did )

1. covered my workspace/table with cling wrap & newspaper. (the glue will drain down and cling wrap makes the clean up easy)

2. i ripped up strips of newspaper and laid them to the side. i also filled my containers with junk mail to give them some weight.

3. i mixed two parts water to one part glue in a bowl.

4. i dipped a strip of newspaper into my glue mixture and tried to let some of the extra mix drain off back into the bowl.

5. i started covering my containers with my wet newspaper strips. because i was going for a tree log look i scrunched in some places and folded and tried to give it texture. i tried to build up a layer or two to make it look less perfect.

6. let it dry !

7. i painted it brown ( had to do at least 2 coats to cover the newspaper underneath.) then i let this dry a little.

8. i took a small paint brush and black paint and drew lines all over.

9.  it still didnt look enough like a log so i mixed my leftover black paint, brown paint and some red paint to get a darker brown. i took a medium sized paint brush and dabbed this in random places; i just painted til it felt more realistic.

 10. i painted the top a creme color as if the log had been cut. i still need to do the tree circles but here is what it looks like!

 [i got this idea off pinterest from a woman who made a dollhouse for her daughter. when i get time i might do the same !]


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