Fairy Fun: Birthday Edition!

we had a blast this past weekend. and i am now officially the mother of a TWO year old; wish me luck as we embark upon the times of terrible twoness and potty training!

but back to party talk: it was a blast! i felt so blessed to be surrounded by people we love, to celebrate our mini. we really had a great time, and all of my party planning and decoration making turned out beautifully ! (does that sound like im tooting my own horn? i just was really pleased with the way everything turned out, and everyone kept commenting how amazed they were with the look of everything and how much of it i made myself)

and the food… it was great! i made a lot of it and i am tired from everything but for that little princess i would do it all over again to see her face light up the way it did. every time she saw some new decoration her little eyes would open wide and she would say “woww” “loook” “want to touch.” ❤

so what did we eat? for a little over 30 people (omg we really fit that many people in our house comfortably) we had:

6 boxes of pizza

10 lbs of chicken wings (that i seasoned in two diff flavors)

2 boxes of quiches (48+72= 120 little quiches!)

a veggie platter (w/ ranch & hummus dip)

a fruit platter

chips & artichoke dip (courtesy of my grandma 🙂 )

white sangria (with strawberries & peaches )

red sangria (with apples and oranges)

mushroom meringues

flower sugar cookies

“2” sugar cookies that i packaged to go

and cupcakes. lots of cupcakes. (carrot, white chocolate raspberry & cookies n cream)

i couldn’t get a shot of the whole food table because a lot of it disappeared before i got a chance 🙂

here’s a part of the dessert table before the food. look at this awesome piece of real tree! its beautiful and was what the cupcakes rested on.

more of the dessert table before the food. i used moss to create the wood/forest theme, and had a whole bunch of other tinkerbell stuff that i added because i believe that the little things really add a big value. 

   here’s a shot of the whole dessert table.  check out my fake log ! 😀           mini cupcakes for the kids !   on the left: fireflies in a jar next to the mushroom meringues! so many people thought these were real mushrooms lol!                                            

and of course: my little fairy 🙂

for her friends i made up little tinkerbell gift bags that had a:

butterfly wand glowstick (or baton for the boys)

tinkerbell bubble thing

tinkerbell candy

fun swirly straw

tink pencil

and one of those suction balls cause they are cool

i printed out tinkerbell coloring pages but really they just played with each other and the balloons and whatever toys that could reach. and thankfully their considerate parents helped put the toys away for me !


2 thoughts on “Fairy Fun: Birthday Edition!

  1. Patricia John (Granny) says:

    Love all of this. much easier for me to forward as all the beautiful pictures of decorations and food will be there. You did a fabulous job my dearest one. BIG congratulations. The party was wonderful. And, now I know you are exhausted. Love you


  2. Genevieve laidley says:

    Wow wow wow, you should give yourself a big pat on the back job well done. It was amazing all the things that u did to bring all together. Very proud of you. Had a great time, the sangria was delicious. Love you much.


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