Teaching by doing

one of babygirl’s presents this year was a big one.

i was contemplating getting it for her for this past christmas but decided to wait, and im glad i did.

i looked at a few for her birthday and found one i liked, i saved it to my favorites so i could find it easier when i was ready to actually purchaseĀ it. but when i was ready it wasn’t saved as i thought, so i searched “pretend play kitchen” and went thru the pages of results to find the one i liked again.

but before i found the one i had my eyes set on, i found this beautiful kitchen. it had a backsplash, and a chalkboard on the fridge and was made of wood. the knobs made the click sound when you turn them and there was plenty of space to put things away in the “stove” or “dishwasher” or even to hang on the knobs about the “burners”. don’t get me wrong, there is nothing bad about the plastic ones that everyone is used to, but this one, it was perfect. it had the look of a good sturdy toy, and the appearance of an updated kitchen i wish i had for myself. yeah it was going to cost a little more but if it would last a long time and make my princess happy, it would be money well spent.

we put it together the night before the party and it did take some time. i’d say no less than 3 hours with all of the pieces and hardware, but the resulting piece was impressive. we hid it in our closet to reveal to her after the party ended. we covered it with a sheet and brought it out to her to reveal for herself. she pulled the sheet off and omg her little face was priceless. she IMMEDIATELY ran over to open all the doors and see and touch everything. she wasted no time in calling over her friend so she could come play house with her. it made my heart melt. one of her other birthday gifts was a basket of pretend food that went perfectly with the kitchen and she knew exactly what to do with it all! She took the broccoli and put it under the “faucet” and washed the greens before placing them in the fridge. It was the cutest thing ever!
And it reminded me that she is really learning by watching what i do. I am teaching her by just doing what i do everyday! It may seem small and insignificant that she “washed the food” but it goes to show how much they take note and emulate what we do. It is why I always try to be a better woman, so she will learn too.

Something that my mom said to me, this past weekend, was that I always try to do so much for my daughter. That even when i am exhausted I still keep going to make things as good as i can for mini, including everything i did to make her party “perfect.” And that made me smile because hopefully mini notices too, hopefully she sees how much i love her and how much i would do and will always do. i hope that she sees how much i try to be better for her and i hope she will emulate that too…