[in this case it’s actually blending.]

have you ever tried it?

D is on this 7 day detox and i’m thinking about maybe doing a 3 day one. we consume a lot of junk, and sometimes it is nice to give your body a break with a healthy alternative…

just thinking about going on a liquid diet for any period of time makes me realize how much i love bread & cheese. i mean hello broccoli cheese soup in a bread bowl? grilled cheese? crusty bread with a nice fancy cheese (and a glass of wine)? cheese fondue? string cheese and crackers? bagels and cream cheese??? heavy sigh. this will be an interesting weekend for sure. a definite test of my willpower.

he’s already gone one day, and i’m proud of him. passing any food restaurant conjures in his mind his favorite dish at said place, and even opening the fridge or cabinets at home is a reminder of all the foods that are within reach but off the list for the next week. me and baby girl are eating food too, so he can smell all the yummies that he has promised himself he will stay away from.

i know since i have been working on this current project at work i have definitely stepped my junk food intake a notch. they keep snacks in eye-view so we are comfortable. they know food makes people happy and are committed to making us so, in the hopes that it will make us super productive… but i haven’t been in the gym as much as i was –so i’m upping my food intake and not balancing it by going to the gym –maybe this detox will be good for me.

i made a juice this morning for breakfast, as like a mini trial.

i used 1 whole banana, splash of orange juice and handful of :




apple slices

here’s one of D’s lunches: (Its called Mean Green)

it’s made from:

1 Granny Smith Apple

1 Cucumber

4 Stalks of Celery

4-6 Kale Leaves

1/4 Lemon Peeled

1″ Ginger

ahhhh pray for my strength as i overcome my love for food this weekend !


Sleepy Mommies

Hey Sleepy Mommies. and Sleepy Daddies.


Can any one of you tell me when we can expect to sleep thru the night again?

I thought baby girl was doing so good. I’ve actually never had issues with her sleeping or staying asleep thru the night…

But now when it comes time for bed, one of us has to stay in the room til she is fast asleep. I mean like passed out sleeping. If you so much as tip toe out when the deep breathing starts (but she’s not actually asleep) she is quick to remind you that your job is not over, you need to lay back down and she does this quite effectively by crying out for whoever is on sleep patrol that night. I’m not complaining, I don’t mind staying in her room til she falls asleep, but on some nights (like Sunday) I spent over an hour laying on the floor while she just looked around the room, sleep no where in sight ! I left, I told her I was coming right back (lies) and I thought she would quiet herself enough to fall asleep on her own.

It didn’t. She opened her door and came out crying for me to lay down with her. That’s not even my biggest issue though. It’s that she doesn’t stay asleep thru the night.

Ever since we took the bar off her crib, and made it more into a daybed, she has the ability to climb out by herself in the morning. But she has taken it upon herself to climb out in the earlyyy morning, and try to get in mommy & daddy’s bed. It’s generally between 1-4 am that it happens and we are so tired we just let her.

Butttttt babygirl is a wild sleeper ! She tosses and turns, lays her hands and feet all over the place and sometimes rolls on top of you. It doesn’t make for very restful sleep, let me tell you. She sometimes finds it most comfortable to roll around til she is perfectly  perpendicular. That means we pushed to both ends of the bed and her feet are in someone’s stomach, and her beautiful big head in another’s.

Last night D took her back to her room for the first time. She went down easily but a few hours later she was back in our room and calling for me.(Probably calling for me and not for daddy cause he made her sleep in her bed hahahahaha)

Hopefully she will remember that she likes a full nights rest soon and stay in her own bed thru the night!

Linen Closet Update

just a quick update on what my linen closet looks like now.

im really happy with it actually! Everything has a place and most things are labeled and neatly put away 😀

I spray painted the chrome baskets to an almost black color to match the other ones. My mom found a smaller  basket that had a lining which i moved the medicine into so small tubes wouldn’t fall thru the cracks.

i also found this nice glass jar from Joann that i plan to use to make laundry detergent. i took a break from making my own for a while because i couponing and stocked up for a while but everyone seemed to really like my homemade one so ill be reverting back soon. (if you are interested to know how i made it see my post here: DIY Laundry Detergent)

and im still loving the hang tags idea. i even got my mom in on them!

Closet Organization 

Personally I like to try and finish a task, like really and truly finish it, before I start another. It feels soooo good to cross that item off my to-do list, but if you’re doing 5 things at once it takes a lot longer to complete any of them.

But in the case of my home organizing extravaganza, I have been picking up storage finds for all parts of the house and incorporating them into my efforts. And I’m ok with that.

I told y’all about my 3 main problem areas and I have focused mainly on the craft room… To see it today, and to see it like a week ago is such a drastic difference! I’m trying to do the same for our closet.

A few of the things I’ve done so far:

[Organizing all my clutches!

They used to just be crammed into the smallest cubbie in my closet. And they fit in the space… But trying to pull one out was a hassle, all the rest would fall out and I never really got to the ones in the back cause I pretty much forgot they were hiding back there. Now that I have them in this drawer/bin, I can pull the drawer out and see everything I have.

And it looks nicer. Way nicer.]

Hanging up my purses!


I love that my mom has this beautiful armoire and cute baskets to organize all her purses. I thought I could just stack my purses in one of the cubby spaces of my own closet.. But it just never turned out that way. They always seem to fall over each other and it looked chaotic. So I looked into command hooks and said I’d hang them up instead, the lighter ones anyway. And I decided I should try and add in extra shelves to help use the wasted space of my cubby system. Also get more drawer/bins to do like my mom 😀

Clearing up my shoes!

This has been a big source of irritation for a while. I never had a good place to put them in the closet and the space to add in a shoe rack is very limited. So they have always just been in a pile on the floor. Or in some of the low space underneath my second hanging rod. I also have another drawer unit in the garage which has kept some of the shoe clutter away from the closet; mainly shoes that don’t get worn as often. I was considering finding a tall tiered shoe rack but i would have to turn it on the side to fit in this small space and it would mean i only have a few inches trying to get shoes in and out of it. I came upon this tiered revolving shoe tree and was pretty excited. The diameter was small enough to fit the space, and it would mean I could access all of them pretty easily. Found it on Amazon for $33.

[All of my flipflops and flats are going in… – you guessed it ! Drawer/bins!!]

Fixing up the cubbies!

When we moved in, I was super excited for this closet and its existing setup. But lately I wasn’t utilizing it to its best. So I decided to get some shelves cut and add some cute bins to put the stuff in so it didn’t look so messy. See what I mean about messy?

What do you think?

also got a cap rack to hang up Ds hats.

Now on to organizing all the clothes O_O.

Craft Room Update

I so wish that I had a picture of what the madness looked like before I initiated my “organize house” mission. But here are a few in work pictures of my “craft/guest room” to give you an idea of how far the space has come.

These are the earliest before pics… Stuff was everywhere.

I took this pic after we had already starting trying to put the pegboard up, so it’s not a true representation of the controlled chaos that was this room. Origianlly I had the desk against the wall and all my baskets of different things, and papers, etc on the top of the desk and old textbooks stacked underneath. You couldn’t really see or use the desk though :/



But after getting the pegboard up, and moving that drawer unit in, it evolved to this:


And after a little more time and effort it looks more like this:

I still have room on the board to add more things, and have cleared leg room out beneath the desk. I put the printer down there because it looked too clunky on top of the desk. See here babygirl is trying to show you the floral pattern on the glass 🙂

I also moved the drawer unit to the side of the bed. I’m going to get a top for it so it can double as a nightstand, and hold a lamp or a cute clock or something.  I also might do some hang tags so I can see what is in each drawer. Actually i would hang them because I think they are cute, I already know what’s in each one 🙂

Linen Closet Makeover

I realize when you call something a makeover it means you should have before and after pictures… And I don’t 😦

But I did give the linen closet a little makeover. [I took out a lot of my couponing stockpiled items and used my dollar store basket to categorize them before putting them under the guest bathroom sink, I talked about that in my other post: dollar store deals. ]

This opened up the space I had available in my linen closet which meant I could put my serve-ware into the closet instead of on the guest dresser! (See the top shelf slightly pictured)

I found these nice metal/wire baskets at TJ Maxx and used them for my medicine cabinet; holding my mouthwash & conditioners; and all the candles & lotions & room scents. I also used a basket to hold various cleaning products, pillowcases, and sheets.

I want to find a smaller basket to put the wash cloths and maybe a smaller one for the meds? I’m lacking in my first aid supplies so the basket looks empty… Maybe I just need to get more meds just in case…

Remember those black hang tags from target?  I used some white scrapbook letter stickers and created some name tags for the linens. This way guests can know which are the bath towels vs the pool towels, and where to find the blankets,sheets and pillowcases.


D says I should have put the hang tags below the item like you find at the store for the price, but I like keeping the tag closer to eye level. What do you think?

Target dollar deals! 

So I showed you what I found at the dollar store, but can I tell you how much I love the target dollar section??? I think it used to be called “see spot, save”? Maybe I’m imaging that.But seriously I love all the cute things they have there! They always have some cute stationary finds, little reading and coloring books for baby girl, character socks, upcoming holiday decor, travel sized essentials, gift wrap items, snacks, etc etc…

The amount of times I have been to target, I think seriously alarms D. Maybe he thinks I have a secret boyfriend there? Bahahaha Yeah my secret boyfriend is target! I just love that I can really find anything I need there whether it be grocery, baby related, home related, even clothes & beauty.

Anyways back to my original point, they have great dollar store finds. And they didn’t disappoint while looking for things to help me organize!

(A few things were $3 but I still paid only about $13 for it all!)

I needed the small metal pails to hang pens, markers, and paints on my pegboard. I picked these slightly squarish cylinder ones because they almost match my existing  silver ones. (But target had a bunch of other designs and a few solid color buckets too, in case you were interested)

I used the half fabric drawer ($3) to hold all my clutches that I kind of just stuffed into a closet cubbie previously.

The wire trash can was the other $3 item and it’s going to keep all my wrapping paper in one place. I hate that wherever I used to put them they would get wrinkled and torn up. (I spray painted it gold.) 


I got a few black tag stickers and some black hang tags. These are going to be for a linen closet project that I have in mind.

And the clear 4 compartment box I used for push pins and safety pins.

Dollar store deals ! 

In my quest for cleanliness I’ve looked at different ways to organize in my house. 

I’ve searched online at bed bath & beyond, target, the container store and Amazon. I’ve favorited things here and there, even started an online shopping cart at a few but I wanted to see what my dollar store could get me.

And look what less than $12 got me ! 

I love the dollar store. Like seriously they have so much stuff in there, and the closest one to me is actually kind of small but I still found what I needed: 

6 small baskets

2 larger green ones with handles 

2 large flat orange baskets

1 green basket with white handles

4 large multicolored baskets with handles

(And a pack of dish scrubbers lol)

I used the multicolor ones to organize all my extra bath products. (They were in my closet with the rest of my copouning stockpiles, but our guest bathroom has a lot of storage so they are moving there.)

The green baskets with the handles helped me organize some of baby girls books. See the mess before? 

Her shoes need some help too, I know. But this looks better right? She even helped me put some of them away 🙂 

The other smaller baskets I used to organize office supplies and stickers. I have a few extra that are going in our junk drawer later on. 
I realized I need a few more large ones but I’m so excited that these $1 baskets are working in my space. The other things I found online were nice, but some of them were pricey!