Traveling with Toddlers!

This past weekend was the Fourth of July.

What a fun holiday to celebrate right? Food, family, fireworks!

We spent our holiday with Ds family in Chicago. Which meant we had to get on a plane with a two year old…

Traveling with a two year old requires a lot of patience, snacks and pre planning in my opinion lol.

First you should make sure your airline allows a two year old to be a lap baby or else you will end at the check in counter trying to catch your flight only to find out you need to buy another ticket on an almost full flight of a holiday weekend. Yeah that happened.

Also I bought the cutest Doc McStuffins mini bookbag, so she could feel like a big girl with her own bag. I put a few coloring books, crayons, some reading books and two dolls in it. I thought it would be great to keep her busy while on the plane and while away from all her usual toys but I didn’t anticipate her wanting to open it at every moment while we were at the airport. She was so excited to have it and wear it though, I don’t blame her.

(This is the bag. got it from target for like $12? They had a few other mini bookbags; HelloKitty, a monkey, a bear. I thought about looking for a leash/bag but D said he wouldn’t talk to me if i got her one hahahahaha)

(This is her wearing it at home the day i bought it. Obviously I need to rethink where I leave things because i didn’t intend for her to see it til we were at the airport 🙂 )

We ended up having to wait at the gate, while on the plane before taking off, and after landing on the runway. This meant a lot of wait time which equates to hungry bellies. Thank God for goldfish. And granola bars. And beef jerky sticks.

She actually did really well on the plane all things considered. And having our umbrella stroller with us was awesome. We left it right before we got on the plane and they give it to you right after you land.

Other than that we had a great weekend.

A lot of D’s family hadn’t had the chance to meet baby girl yet so they were besides themselves with her personality and vocabulary and facial expressions. And she was loving every minute of the attention, all of the kisses, and a break from a regular routine (which meant staying way up past bedtime).

When we finally came back home she slept a good 12 hours! Poor thing was exhausted from all the festivities!

(This is a picture i took while in Chicago. I don’t know if you can tell but the pink truck says “Cupcake Gangsters.”  We thought it was funny)  
I hope you had a wonderful holiday as well!


4 thoughts on “Traveling with Toddlers!

  1. Genevieve laidley says:

    I am glad all worked out well and you had a great time. That is so weird that u go all the way to Chicago and spot a cup cake truck right in front of u. It’s a sign😊 glad ur back home safe😘❤️


  2. granny says:

    Good to have you back in Florida and also happy the stay was a good one with family.Now she knows many more of D’s family. Travelling with little ones is always hectic and sitting for any length of time difficult for them.


  3. Amy WB says:

    Bi– It was great to finally meet you in person although I feel as though I’ve known you for years. Babygirl is a complete and utter joy. AJB was asking about her “niece” on Sunday and Monday. AJB really enjoyed showing babygirl around and feeling like she was in charge of someone that was not the cat. LOL
    You and my boy are doing a FABULOUS job with her so keep up the great work. She reminds me of AJB at that age with all those words and expressions. It was our pleasure to have you guys over for a bit. Love to you all.


    • Bianca says:

      We were so happy to be able to spend some time with you guys! And yes it was nice to finally meet in person 🙂
      Cant wait til we see you again! You guys should come visit !


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