Controlled Chaos

My house is a home.

It is presentable, and generally pretty ready for company even at the drop of a dime… Ok, ok maybe more like with a half hour’s notice.

I have clearly defined spaces and coinciding furniture in all rooms.

My home functions just as it should and looks nice too. At least that is what everyone tells me.

And i would like to think I am fairly organized. But let’s be honest, no one is perfect. The common space of the house is generally not an issue. We pick up the toys and put them away at the end of the day. We stack all the papers/mail/other neatly on the island when we need more space to prep.

But there are a few problems areas, and a few spaces that while functional, could seriously use some help…

Problem 1: My craft room/ guest bedroom.

This is where all things go to hide, mostly.

I dabble in different hobbies and as such, have collected lots of things that need a home. That home is my glass top desk, or the floor beneath it. Or maybe the bins of stuff overflowing from the closet.

I don’t even get to do crafts in here cause the desk is madness. And there is poor light as well. It is just not really an inviting space to do things, or grab inspiration from…

When we have guests that are staying over, we just pile everything onto the desk. (If i had chosen a different desk base I would have had some drawers which could have helped for storage but oh well!)

 The closet is another poor use of space but as we don’t see this room everyday, or very much at all for that matter it is easy enough to ignore.

Problem 2: Other guest room

This room is a little more organized.

It has a dresser and nightstand to match but I don’t have a home for my entertaining serveware (sp?) so it is taking up residence on the dresser. And our luggage is kind of in the way of this looking like a larger room. The closet has some boxes that I should probably go thru as well..

And i could definitely do something in the way of inviting visitor prep. My mom likes this room better because of the mattress so this room gets used more frequently. It would be so nice to have the room setup in an inviting manner like with a tray of cute things for the visiting person, but not when it currently looks as it does.

Problem 3: Our closet

When we first got our house, i was so excited for this closet. It had these prebuilt organizing things and i knew our tall dresser could fit at the back. I had such big plans! I thought all our clothes would fit perfectly…

But there really wasn’t a defined place for shoes, which apparently i have a lot of. And D has rather large feet so his shoes take up a bit of room too, but  he is so tall he just stacks them on the shelf above… While mine hang out together on the floor in a cozy pile -_-…

And i don’t really know how but we don’t have enough clothes storage  with 2 dressers, and this closet. Clearly I am not utilizing the space well. Don’t judge me 😦 !

I like to think of these spaces as controlled chaos. We have been “content” with them as is but the plan was always to figure out a better way. And that time is now!

I want to organize my home better. I want to see all the things i have, put away nicely. I want all the spaces in my home to be well put together like you see in cool home magazines. Or at least just have a organized place for everything.

Not only that I need to declutter. There is definitely a lot that can be given away to someone who will find use for it.

So I am here to say I will be slowly reorganizing the controlled chaos and hopefully decluttering with an intent to incorporate new fun things! Like coordinating sheet sets, entertaining pieces for when we have company, and baskets to help organize my closets.

Stay tuned !


4 thoughts on “Controlled Chaos

  1. granny says:

    I cannot relate to your ‘Chaos’, but, there is always a way to eliminate unused and old ‘stuff’. Try doing your closet first. They say that if you have not worn something for a year or a little less, then you should get rid of it, because, first – you have bought more stuff in that time, and, second – you are never going to wear it again (that goes for your shoes also). It is good therapy to do a BIG clean out, that goes for D’s things. There are many, many persons who would love them and use them. Love you dearly, and wish I could be there to help out.


  2. granny says:

    Another idea for all the bits and pieces on the table, bed, floor etc. There may be a lot of stuff that is ‘no good’ anymore, dried up paints, glue etc. You will be surprised at how much can be thrown out. Once those are eliminated you can then decide on what kind of storage bins, boxes, cans etc. you might need to get things in order. Frankly, my dear, I do not know where you are going to find the time or energy to do all this, but, take heart and dig in!!!


  3. Genevieve laidley says:

    I hear you loud and clear as I have been doing the same thing. My suggestion to you is to tackle one area at a time, but you must complete the task to the finish if not it will not work. I find that target or Walmart has these plastic drawers that work well for storage. They have different sizes. Make up your mind to throw away a lot and give away to those in need, God knows there are a lot of people out there that need stuff. It feels very good to de clutter your house. Your uncle Mark always says ” cleanliness is the closes thing to Godliness 😬” I would love to help you out😀😀😀 only I you want. I love you😘😘😘


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