Dollar store deals ! 

In my quest for cleanliness I’ve looked at different ways to organize in my house. 

I’ve searched online at bed bath & beyond, target, the container store and Amazon. I’ve favorited things here and there, even started an online shopping cart at a few but I wanted to see what my dollar store could get me.

And look what less than $12 got me ! 

I love the dollar store. Like seriously they have so much stuff in there, and the closest one to me is actually kind of small but I still found what I needed: 

6 small baskets

2 larger green ones with handles 

2 large flat orange baskets

1 green basket with white handles

4 large multicolored baskets with handles

(And a pack of dish scrubbers lol)

I used the multicolor ones to organize all my extra bath products. (They were in my closet with the rest of my copouning stockpiles, but our guest bathroom has a lot of storage so they are moving there.)

The green baskets with the handles helped me organize some of baby girls books. See the mess before? 

Her shoes need some help too, I know. But this looks better right? She even helped me put some of them away 🙂 

The other smaller baskets I used to organize office supplies and stickers. I have a few extra that are going in our junk drawer later on. 
I realized I need a few more large ones but I’m so excited that these $1 baskets are working in my space. The other things I found online were nice, but some of them were pricey! 


5 thoughts on “Dollar store deals ! 

  1. granny says:

    I love the Dollar store. Is it a Dollar Tree? They are the best, there is one, a big one, where my clinic used to be on Kendall between 147 and 149 Ave. It is amazing what you can get for a dollar. You are doing so well, and it is not even the weekend yet. Get Mini B to help and then to learn where her things need to go. Love


    • Bianca says:

      Yes it is a Dollar Tree ! Everything really is a dollar in there, unlike some other “dollar stores.” Thank you I am really committed to organizing the house! I love you ❤


  2. Ashley says:

    The dollar store is great for buying organization things, especially for containers that are going in places where you won’t see them out in the open, like a closet or under the sink or in the garage. That way, you can even buy mismatched colors and it doesn’t matter! Love the post!

    -Ashley, The Organized Intern


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