Target dollar deals! 

So I showed you what I found at the dollar store, but can I tell you how much I love the target dollar section??? I think it used to be called “see spot, save”? Maybe I’m imaging that.But seriously I love all the cute things they have there! They always have some cute stationary finds, little reading and coloring books for baby girl, character socks, upcoming holiday decor, travel sized essentials, gift wrap items, snacks, etc etc…

The amount of times I have been to target, I think seriously alarms D. Maybe he thinks I have a secret boyfriend there? Bahahaha Yeah my secret boyfriend is target! I just love that I can really find anything I need there whether it be grocery, baby related, home related, even clothes & beauty.

Anyways back to my original point, they have great dollar store finds. And they didn’t disappoint while looking for things to help me organize!

(A few things were $3 but I still paid only about $13 for it all!)

I needed the small metal pails to hang pens, markers, and paints on my pegboard. I picked these slightly squarish cylinder ones because they almost match my existing  silver ones. (But target had a bunch of other designs and a few solid color buckets too, in case you were interested)

I used the half fabric drawer ($3) to hold all my clutches that I kind of just stuffed into a closet cubbie previously.

The wire trash can was the other $3 item and it’s going to keep all my wrapping paper in one place. I hate that wherever I used to put them they would get wrinkled and torn up. (I spray painted it gold.) 


I got a few black tag stickers and some black hang tags. These are going to be for a linen closet project that I have in mind.

And the clear 4 compartment box I used for push pins and safety pins.


3 thoughts on “Target dollar deals! 

  1. Pascale says:

    U can call it Mr. target but with a French accent. Lol. Yes that area always catches my attention. Have found cute items there and as you said stationary items never go to waist. Whether for a grocery list. Leave a little love note for someone special or in your case little munchkin to scribble on. Can’t wait to see everything next weekend 😁😁😍😍💖💗


  2. granny says:

    I have always loved Target. I used to walk up there regularly, and like you loved those $1 items, used to get them for Christmas stockings. I am so happy that you are ‘into’ looking for bargains. I cannot wait to see how neat and tidy your closets will be when you are finsished, the trick is to keep them that way.


  3. Genevieve laidley says:

    Yep love that target and those $1 deals, I found buckets to organize my things also. Great job your getting there, just keep it up and also make sure that D also keeps up with staying organized😀😘


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