Craft Room Update

I so wish that I had a picture of what the madness looked like before I initiated my “organize house” mission. But here are a few in work pictures of my “craft/guest room” to give you an idea of how far the space has come.

These are the earliest before pics… Stuff was everywhere.

I took this pic after we had already starting trying to put the pegboard up, so it’s not a true representation of the controlled chaos that was this room. Origianlly I had the desk against the wall and all my baskets of different things, and papers, etc on the top of the desk and old textbooks stacked underneath. You couldn’t really see or use the desk though :/



But after getting the pegboard up, and moving that drawer unit in, it evolved to this:


And after a little more time and effort it looks more like this:

I still have room on the board to add more things, and have cleared leg room out beneath the desk. I put the printer down there because it looked too clunky on top of the desk. See here babygirl is trying to show you the floral pattern on the glass 🙂

I also moved the drawer unit to the side of the bed. I’m going to get a top for it so it can double as a nightstand, and hold a lamp or a cute clock or something.  I also might do some hang tags so I can see what is in each drawer. Actually i would hang them because I think they are cute, I already know what’s in each one 🙂


3 thoughts on “Craft Room Update

  1. granny says:

    Much better than it was. I remember the last time I was there (Labour Day weekend) you could not find a place on the desk or around it. Did not even know what colour it was. Looking good. I am sure there is more to do with the closet. You are a marvel. Love you


  2. Genevieve laidley says:

    Wow, great job I know you are feeling good about it😁😁😁 keep it up. There is nothing better than an organize home/ office. Love u😘❤️


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