Closet Organization 

Personally I like to try and finish a task, like really and truly finish it, before I start another. It feels soooo good to cross that item off my to-do list, but if you’re doing 5 things at once it takes a lot longer to complete any of them.

But in the case of my home organizing extravaganza, I have been picking up storage finds for all parts of the house and incorporating them into my efforts. And I’m ok with that.

I told y’all about my 3 main problem areas and I have focused mainly on the craft room… To see it today, and to see it like a week ago is such a drastic difference! I’m trying to do the same for our closet.

A few of the things I’ve done so far:

[Organizing all my clutches!

They used to just be crammed into the smallest cubbie in my closet. And they fit in the space… But trying to pull one out was a hassle, all the rest would fall out and I never really got to the ones in the back cause I pretty much forgot they were hiding back there. Now that I have them in this drawer/bin, I can pull the drawer out and see everything I have.

And it looks nicer. Way nicer.]

Hanging up my purses!


I love that my mom has this beautiful armoire and cute baskets to organize all her purses. I thought I could just stack my purses in one of the cubby spaces of my own closet.. But it just never turned out that way. They always seem to fall over each other and it looked chaotic. So I looked into command hooks and said I’d hang them up instead, the lighter ones anyway. And I decided I should try and add in extra shelves to help use the wasted space of my cubby system. Also get more drawer/bins to do like my mom 😀

Clearing up my shoes!

This has been a big source of irritation for a while. I never had a good place to put them in the closet and the space to add in a shoe rack is very limited. So they have always just been in a pile on the floor. Or in some of the low space underneath my second hanging rod. I also have another drawer unit in the garage which has kept some of the shoe clutter away from the closet; mainly shoes that don’t get worn as often. I was considering finding a tall tiered shoe rack but i would have to turn it on the side to fit in this small space and it would mean i only have a few inches trying to get shoes in and out of it. I came upon this tiered revolving shoe tree and was pretty excited. The diameter was small enough to fit the space, and it would mean I could access all of them pretty easily. Found it on Amazon for $33.

[All of my flipflops and flats are going in… – you guessed it ! Drawer/bins!!]

Fixing up the cubbies!

When we moved in, I was super excited for this closet and its existing setup. But lately I wasn’t utilizing it to its best. So I decided to get some shelves cut and add some cute bins to put the stuff in so it didn’t look so messy. See what I mean about messy?

What do you think?

also got a cap rack to hang up Ds hats.

Now on to organizing all the clothes O_O.


One thought on “Closet Organization 

  1. granny says:

    You certainly are getting there, what a difference. I hope that you are not getting yourself too tired, or, maybe this is very good for you. Once you have organized things it makes it much easier to keep it that way. Love and kisses


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