Sleepy Mommies

Hey Sleepy Mommies. and Sleepy Daddies.


Can any one of you tell me when we can expect to sleep thru the night again?

I thought baby girl was doing so good. I’ve actually never had issues with her sleeping or staying asleep thru the night…

But now when it comes time for bed, one of us has to stay in the room til she is fast asleep. I mean like passed out sleeping. If you so much as tip toe out when the deep breathing starts (but she’s not actually asleep) she is quick to remind you that your job is not over, you need to lay back down and she does this quite effectively by crying out for whoever is on sleep patrol that night. I’m not complaining, I don’t mind staying in her room til she falls asleep, but on some nights (like Sunday) I spent over an hour laying on the floor while she just looked around the room, sleep no where in sight ! I left, I told her I was coming right back (lies) and I thought she would quiet herself enough to fall asleep on her own.

It didn’t. She opened her door and came out crying for me to lay down with her. That’s not even my biggest issue though. It’s that she doesn’t stay asleep thru the night.

Ever since we took the bar off her crib, and made it more into a daybed, she has the ability to climb out by herself in the morning. But she has taken it upon herself to climb out in the earlyyy morning, and try to get in mommy & daddy’s bed. It’s generally between 1-4 am that it happens and we are so tired we just let her.

Butttttt babygirl is a wild sleeper ! She tosses and turns, lays her hands and feet all over the place and sometimes rolls on top of you. It doesn’t make for very restful sleep, let me tell you. She sometimes finds it most comfortable to roll around til she is perfectly  perpendicular. That means we pushed to both ends of the bed and her feet are in someone’s stomach, and her beautiful big head in another’s.

Last night D took her back to her room for the first time. She went down easily but a few hours later she was back in our room and calling for me.(Probably calling for me and not for daddy cause he made her sleep in her bed hahahahaha)

Hopefully she will remember that she likes a full nights rest soon and stay in her own bed thru the night!


2 thoughts on “Sleepy Mommies

  1. granny says:

    My darling I know that this is hard when you need your sleep. It sounds to me as if little miss is feeling insecure. I know she often has a nap when she comes from school, eats supper a little later, this can also be a cause for sleepless nights. She needs a routine, eat by 7 or 7:30, bed by 8 or 8:30. And, maybe she misses her Nana, who maybe has her in her bed while there. It can become a habit I am afraid. Love you dearly


  2. Genevieve laidley says:

    Know what u mean, and do agree with granny. This could just be feeling a bit insecure based on a lot of things: change of bed habits, Nana leaving so she doesn’t have that comfort of knowing that she is a step away. I think Bri likes the comfort of knowing that she is close to something in her bed. Get her a cuddly doll or bear she can sleep with, that may help. I think you should try not allowing her a nap right after school as she already takes enough naps at school. Keep her busy till dinner and in bed by 8- 8;30 the most, that will get her in a routine. Maybe a cup of warm milk before bed time could also work. Oh also a light music on her room, something soothing 😀 don’t worry, it’s all a phase, she will get it and you guys will get a bit more sleep. We mothers never get completely rested nights❤️ It’s in our nature to be there for our kids day or night. Keep us posted on her progress lots of love😘🌻


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