[in this case it’s actually blending.]

have you ever tried it?

D is on this 7 day detox and i’m thinking about maybe doing a 3 day one. we consume a lot of junk, and sometimes it is nice to give your body a break with a healthy alternative…

just thinking about going on a liquid diet for any period of time makes me realize how much i love bread & cheese. i mean hello broccoli cheese soup in a bread bowl? grilled cheese? crusty bread with a nice fancy cheese (and a glass of wine)? cheese fondue? string cheese and crackers? bagels and cream cheese??? heavy sigh. this will be an interesting weekend for sure. a definite test of my willpower.

he’s already gone one day, and i’m proud of him. passing any food restaurant conjures in his mind his favorite dish at said place, and even opening the fridge or cabinets at home is a reminder of all the foods that are within reach but off the list for the next week. me and baby girl are eating food too, so he can smell all the yummies that he has promised himself he will stay away from.

i know since i have been working on this current project at work i have definitely stepped my junk food intake a notch. they keep snacks in eye-view so we are comfortable. they know food makes people happy and are committed to making us so, in the hopes that it will make us super productive… but i haven’t been in the gym as much as i was –so i’m upping my food intake and not balancing it by going to the gym –maybe this detox will be good for me.

i made a juice this morning for breakfast, as like a mini trial.

i used 1 whole banana, splash of orange juice and handful of :




apple slices

here’s one of D’s lunches: (Its called Mean Green)

it’s made from:

1 Granny Smith Apple

1 Cucumber

4 Stalks of Celery

4-6 Kale Leaves

1/4 Lemon Peeled

1″ Ginger

ahhhh pray for my strength as i overcome my love for food this weekend !


3 thoughts on “Juicing?

  1. granny says:

    Bravo! You will both feel much better, and, it will be hard to go back to JUNK. Talk to Auntie Nounoune and Uncle Mark who have been juicing for some time and put all kinds of goodies in it, like nuts, fruits, vegetables etc. They have it every morning, but also eat food for other rmeals. I have a Bullet that you could have, if you want it. Good slurping!!


  2. Genevieve laidley says:

    I’m so glad that u guys are juicing, it’s not only a form of detox if you will but it is a good source of nutrient for the body of absorb. As granny said we have a juice every morning after our walk, what we put in it fills us up so that we don’t add any junk in between meals. We eat a good lunch and a light dinner at night. You will be surprise how it makes you loose inches at the waist and pounds if you exercise. We don’t only use fruits as they hold a lot if sugar, we mix.
    Hand full of spinish, kale, a little bit of broccoli, piece of cucumber, celeriac stalk, half of an apple any kind, a hand full of a berry and a banana. We add a 1/4 a1/2 cup of oats, handful of nuts, small piece of ginger and tumeric, tsp of flax seed powder and I add a little bit of my syrup. For liquid we sometime use one of the following water, coconut water, pineapple juice or even milk. I will tell you that it makes u feel energize and cleans out your intestines, ect. We had gotten the bullet which was good because it grind everything so that u don’t have any pieces left in your mouth. Due to some malfunction of our bullet we decided and saved to get the Vitemix from Cisco excellent machine. Have fun making yourself heathy, it’s all good. Antioxidant yum yum👍❤️


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