My $30 Headboard

I have been in need of a headboard for a long time.

In all my efforts to make an adult feeling bedroom, it is really is the missing link. You may think that toddler pajamas all over the place make an adult room, or maybe the pile of clothes that need to get washed, or maybe even the endless odd shoes and dust bunnies under the bed give it that refined feel. But no, not really. Not even the random mass of bills and collected junk that are underneath the TV make me feel like this is the adult relaxing space I’ve been dreaming for. Just a simple headboard is all that would make me feel happy for this space. [and to get D to not leave his clothes everywhere of course 🙂 ]

But have you ever looked at headboard prices? Like if your bed didn’t come with one already? They aren’t cheap! Even on the random flash sale sites I am a member of, don’t offer up anything I would gladly pay for what this room desperately requires…

I’ve been playing with an idea of a pallet headboard for a good while. Pallets could be free, if you are resourceful.. but they would require some work to take them apart before reassembling. And tools. And maybe the space to use those tools and ideas floating around your head. We are lacking in tools. And a nice outside work bench.

After mentioning how much i wanted a pallet to D, it seemed he was really dragging his feet about getting one for me. Men. Sigh.

I got tired of waiting and found a way to get my wood headboard look for a relatively small cost.

How did i do it? Less than $30 and a little bit of patience.

$20 piece of plywood that i got cut into (6)  6″ x 78″ panels (we have a king size bed)

$5 paint sample (i wanted to white/grey wash the wood)

$3 for (2) 2″x2″ posts that we cut into 6 ft pieces to hold the panels up

old rag, paintbrush, sandpaper, nails & hammer

The plywood was a fairly light color so I wanted to stain it and bring out some of the grain first.

the bottom piece (pictured above), is what i started with.

I used a few coats of coffee and tea that i massaged in and let dry.

[I originally wanted a grey wash effect. after seeing it in our actual room I think a more white color would have fit the room because of available lighting and existing wall paint but I still love it.]

To get the effect, I used an old plastic container and mixed my paint and water together (tried to keep about a 50/50 ratio). I used a paintbrush to cover small sections of the panels and then took an old rag and immediately wiped the paint off. This gives the wood a bit of color while preserving the grain.

I did a few coats of the whitewash to brighten my pieces up. And then after they were dry I sanded them down to get rid of the rough spots.

Got D to hammer some nails for me and we put it up!

(Originally we measured the posts to be taller because he wanted to leave 1″ spaces between the panels. That was when we were gonna just nail them to the wall. After we decided on the post idea, I told him I didn’t want to see the posts in between the panels so I made him put them close together. There’s a bit of the posts showing on the sides so I’m going to paint a 7th panel that will cover that space.)

This isn’t the best picture and Elmo decided to get a cameo in, but you get the idea. Now time to dress up the beds and get more pillows! (And do the laundry lol)


5 thoughts on “My $30 Headboard

  1. granny says:

    People think that the most expensive is the best, but, no, that is not the case. Something that you make yourself is far more appreciated and treasured. AND, then there is the cost. It looks beautiful. And, like your Dad said how is the board anchored? Great job. Keep up with the wonderful work and ideas.


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