Juicing Review

i tried it. this past weekend.

it was ill timed. you shouldn’t plan to do a “juice fast” when you’re going to have house guests. imagine waking up and your guests want to eat pancakes, eggs, and bacon and you’re slurping a celery smoothie. not so fun.

actually i had in mind after we knew of our visitors, that i was only going to do a 1.5 day one. a mini one. and i lasted til almost dinner time on the first day. i started getting headaches. but i was craving that crab dip we bought from the grocery store the day before. and burgers. and the moose tracks ice cream that was in the fridge. and the garlic pull apart bread that was next to it.

i don’t think juice fasting is for me, at least not yet.

i don’t like feeling hungry. i would rather just do maybe a meal replacement smoothie/juice every few days instead. i know some people say its good to detox and I’m ok with that, but there are other ways to detox. and maybe i’ll research those before committing to a few days worth of hunger pangs, headaches, and loose bowels 🙂


5 thoughts on “Juicing Review

  1. Genevieve laidley says:

    You are too funny, I tend to agree with you regarding the detox. There are other ways to cleans your system and not starve yourself. When I juice after a workout its Sends me to the bathroom quite a few times for the day, so I know I am cleaning out my bowels and at the same time taking on very noutricious foods. When I do that along with the water that has lemon, cucumber and mint leaves I know i know I am cleansing my body of toxins. Best of all loosing inches as I go along. Do what works for you, eat healthy, exercise and drink a lot of water. Lots of love and kisses


  2. Pascale says:

    I’m next in line for this weekend coming up. No plans but the bathroom runs. Made my nail appointment for Friday so I could be free for the quick access to master bath and Mr toilet. I hope I can stick to at least 2 days. We shall see. Love u baby girl💗💖💚💘


  3. Bora says:

    I totally agree with you; juicing isn’t the only way or the right way to detox. I believe that sipping on green tea everyday is such a great way to detox without starving and it’s something that you incorporate in your normal diet rather then label it as a ‘detox’. I also believe that trying to eat healthy every day of your life and feeding your body healthy food is the greatest way to cleanse your body and keep it so because it turns into a lifestyle rather than a ‘diet’. Diets never work unless you turn a healthy one into a lifestyle; if not, what are you gonna do after you’re done with the diet, the cleanse, the detox? I love your post, keep up the good job 💛


    • Bianca says:

      thanks so much ! I’m def more a fan of the idea of drinking green tea everyday instead of a juice fast lol I’m not a bad eater but i could do better, thats what i plan to focus on instead !

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