Weekend in Review – Disney

i have laundry for days.

my kitchen island is full of receipts, random little toys, a bottle of clothing dye, unopened mail among other things..

I need to organize my spice cabinet, my closet and my pantry.

my grass needs to get cut.

i need to windex the bathroom mirrors, and vaccuum the car.

the list goes on…

but this weekend, i dedicated to fun things.

all of that other stuff can wait. sometimes you can get caught up in trying to make everything tidy and doing house chores- and  you don’t give time to just have fun and make awesome memories…

this weekend we watched Ant Man and ate takeout chinese.

We had dinner with my uncle and his kids.

we took a long nap together.

(i did get some baskets to organize my bathroom cabinets which was definitely overdue)

but we also went to Disney!

Babygirl’s friend from school invited us to go with them and I gladly accepted. She bosses that little boy around like they are an old married couple.

It is hilarious! But you should have seen them together this weekend. Monkey see, monkey do! They made everyone around us laugh just watching them being silly babies.

It was hot, but we had a great time. Don’t forget to take time out to relax and have fun. Life is about looking back on the good times, isn’t it?


5 thoughts on “Weekend in Review – Disney

  1. granny says:

    You are so right. ‘All work and no play makes Jack a very dull person’. this is a very old saying. I am glad that you at least had time to see your cousins. Love and kisses to you and little missy.


  2. Genevieve laidley says:

    I agree with you, you must always find time to play and enjoy the things that make you happy and also like you said make the memories that last for generations. Lots of love and kisses👍😃


  3. Pascale says:

    Yes it is true. We get caught up with things that are a part of our daily chores and don’t realize how quickly time goes by. We age in the process also. Having fun and creating memories are events that cannot be repeated. No two days can be the exact same. The mess in the house is something that can be tidied up some other time. Your lil girl is showing you the world in a different way now. You live for her and make happy times with her. Those memories are things you will hold forever. They are also priceless my darling. I speak from mines with you💝💖😍


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