Weekend in Review – Mini Friend Fun

another weekend has come and gone.

friday we had dinner at bahama breeze. i had some salad that had salmon (maybe chimichurri sauce) and avocado slices and a side of conch fritters. yummy.

it reminded me i need to make some seafood fritters at home soon, i miss that contrast of hot bready coating around some delicious seafood filling…i’ll have to make some and do a post about it…

and then we picked up a few things at the grocery store. baby girl was in charge, as you can tell.

saturday we had an early kids birthday party to go to. it was at the park, and it was hot. there was a splash pad nearby for the kids, but the thunderstorm from the previous day had done something to the chlorine system so it was not accessible. we ended up eating, letting the kids play on the playground which thankfully was under a big covering, and of course eating cupcakes. the bday girls uncle made some vegan avocado chocolate cupcakes. they were interesting.

we ended up leaving the park to go and continuing the festivities at our friends house. (they were at the park party as well) we let the girls play in the kiddie pool and we ordered pizza and  literally just hung out alllll day. we got to the park at noon and didn’t end up getting home til at least 10:30 pm. my kind of saturday for sure. the girls took a nap on the living room floor and played dress up and we did the new adult thing; families bonding over play date time.

sunday D got a hair cut (and his beard trimmed! no more of his beard hairs in my nose when he gives me a kiss !)

and then we ate some awesome burgers before meeting up with his sisters family.

They were dropping off her oldest son to start college this week. We got to check out his new apartment and we took the two youngest kiddies to our house while they finished setting up and caught a movie. look at the cousins ❤ babygirl immediately took her hand and was calling her name the entire rest of the day. babygirl is older, but you can’t tell. she is almost as big as our princess and weighs like 10 lbs more than her too!

warms my heart to see them play together. and baby girl was in her element. having a blast with them, i can tell she wants a running buddy so bad!

anyway they joined us later for dinner where i made that spinach salad again. we also had white rice, asparagus and salmon. oh and i made some more carrot cupcakes. 🙂 the oldest son just moved not too far from us and isn’t very well versed in the kitchen so i told him he can come over anytime, he won’t be overstaying his welcome as he’s family and we would be happy to have him over.

family = ❤
hope you all enjoyed your weekend too!


One thought on “Weekend in Review – Mini Friend Fun

  1. granny says:

    Lovely post, you certainly seemed to have had a busy weekend. Little Miss B is so cute with the little girl. Mom sent me one where she seems to be giving her instructions. Hungry for more photos
    Love you forever


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