DIY Kitchen Backsplash

do you remember when I told you about my headboard?

how i felt my room was somewhat incomplete without it?

that’s kind of how i feel about my kitchen. since i’ve lived on my own i’ve never actually had a kitchen backsplash. but it’s funny because any homes we go look at, or house shows on HGTV, it is one of the first things I notice. maybe because it has the ability to really tie the room together.

we are still renting so it’s not an option for me to install a “permanent” backsplash but i wanted something to make the kitchen look nicer. and to cover the grease splatters. i hate trying to clean the kitchen walls, they never stay or look clean.

i looked into possible options and came up with a few.

there are the metallic squares that you can peel and stick on the wall. similar to these: backsplash

i have also seen tile sheets that are peel and stick, but that doesnt let me know they will remove just as easy as they went on. so i decided on contact paper.

i’ve seen a few ideas of people using contact paper and cutting out designs, or just getting contact paper that already has a design on it..

i searched pinterest and found that this person used silver contact paper and cut out squares. they changed the direction of the cut squares so when light reflects it gives it this cool effect:


this person used plastic placements (and probably command strips)– this would probably be great to easily wipe down the cooking splatters!


and this person used contact paper from DollarTree and a stencil to create this effect. would be somewhat time consuming but it looks great! and it was super budget friendly! i think i read that they only needed 3 rolls so that means it cost only $3!!


while i am all for intricate DIYs i don’t know that i would have had the patience or time to cut out individual little tiles to make a design that isn’t intended to to stay up very long…

i bought a roll of removable wallpaper with a design, from Lowes and was so exciteddd!! finally a backsplash to call my own. lol. im such a nerd. anyway i’ve also seen some at . there wasn’t a vast selection of different designs but i did like them.

Allen + Roth at has a pretty good source of fun wallpapers that could work, some of them have a textured design that you can paint whatever color you feel would best suit you. anyway, i had to order mine and i thought it would ship to store faster and cheaper than getting it to my house but it ended up coming later than i hoped. i just got it tuesday and put it up last night.

i will admit, i chose a pattern that while beautiful was a little time consuming to put up. I was looking for the repeat pattern to make it seamless, and didn’t really plan it well in the beginning so it ended up taking me a few hours, in between playing and helping someone go peepee on the potty.

the process: 

the results:

if you look very closely you might see some areas where the pattern isn’t as seamless as i would have hoped, but overall i am happy with it. i am even ok with the one side behind the sink where i cut it a little too short. 🙂


8 thoughts on “DIY Kitchen Backsplash

  1. granny says:

    It looks amazing! Is it washable? For the little ‘gap’ you could cut a piece down to overlap and match pattern as best as possible. You are such a clever girl. Love you always


  2. granny says:

    I had meant to add that my kitchen is contact, done by me years ago. I want to re-do it since in many places it has faded. One of these days!!


  3. Genevieve laidley says:

    Wow, great job love it. To the person that doesn’t know that it is a bit short they will not see it. I don’t see it, but like granny says just overlap a small piece with the exact colors and it’s fixed. DIY lady 👍👍👍 love u


    • Bianca says:

      if you do it, i would love to see !
      i found a beautiful contact paper of black and dark grey tiles on amazon but the reviews said the quality wasn’t great and i didn’t want to take a chance 😦
      but im happy with mine! people that see it in real life say it looks real 🙂 im happy it’ll come off easy when i need it to as well.

      Liked by 1 person

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