Weekend in Review – D’s Birthday

alright so D’s birthday was thursday. (Happy Birthday !)  We ended up having people over and I made baked wings 2 ways, loaded potato skins (with turkey bacon), salad (i’ll make a post about this one) and corn boiled in water and milk.

and i made a vanilla cake with oreo frosting (birthday boy’s request). everything was great. everyone cleaned their plates before i had a chance to take pics of the spread ! oops, i’ll try to remember to take one for next time.

also got some cleaning done. yay for laundry, mopping and bleaching showers !

i also went to the gym with my friend. she texted me the same day to tell me she was already sore 😀 -actually my hamstrings are really sore today too. we worked legs and did a little ab work too.

saturday we grilled  wings, roasted some corn and aspargus and had more salad.

and then we had game night with a few folks. monopoly is super intense in our house. like super intense. we put a time limit on the game, and have rules like all the “fees” get put under free parking for whoever lands there. but really it gets intense because of the deals we try to make with one another, and then the hotels that follow and have ridiculous rent amounts that we end up having to pay. anyway it was fun. the guy that went bankrupt last time we played ended up winning it all this weekend. he was stoked. we ended up extending our 2 hour time limit because they weren’t ready to stop and called it a night pretty late…

so late that we slept in on sunday. it was rainy too. we had pancakes & eggs for breakfast. i made chocolate chip ones ! and for D i put some banana slices in. yummy. we took a nap while it rained and then later in the evening we got up to go watch D play some basketball. it was an interesting game, his team lost. and then we went to dinner since it was late and we didn’t feel like cooking. we tried out some sushi spot that was on the way home. it was different, but good.

(i also got a vegetti, zucchini noodles coming up soon !)


4 thoughts on “Weekend in Review – D’s Birthday

  1. granny says:

    Well you certrainly had a busy week and weekend. Everything really sounded wonderful, yummy and exciting. Does little missy eat the same thing? Love darling


  2. Genevieve laidley says:

    Nice weekend, glad u had a great time. I didn’t know that it was D’s birthday. I will look him up on FB and send him a b’day wish. Lots of love❤️


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