Taco Tuesday

sometimes when we plan it right, we have taco tuesday. and by plan it right i mean we take the ground meat out in the morning. so it has time to thaw out lol.

sometimes when we really think ahead we even do loaded coronas and/or margaritas. 🙂 and by that i mean, having coronas and tequila in the house. we always have margarita mix on hand. did you know it takes good with anything? like you can mix henessy and margarita mix together and it tastes good !

the first time my uncle came to Taco Tuesday at our house, he didn’t know what a loaded corona is. you just sip a little of the beer out, top it off with tequila, throw a lime wedge in there and boom. (normally you stick your finger over the opening and tip the bottle upside down to mix it all up together.)

we didn’t have loaded coronas last night. or margaritas. or fresh made guac, but i blame that on my poor planning and unripe avocados.

we did have Taco Tuesday though !

& friends to help us eat the food.

i bought premade guac from the store, and seasoned the meat with garlic, shallots, onion powder, garlic powder, pepper, and a little taco seasoning that i had.

we made little quesadillas for the girls.

we used whole wheat tortillas this time, they weren’t bad.

it doesn’t take much time at all either. just shred up some lettuce, have some shredded cheese ready and whatever other toppings (salsa, guac, sriracha, sour cream, corn, whatever makes your heart happy). however long the meat takes to cook is really the only labor intensive part here. we like soft tacos so we used the griddle to warm them up and had a little topping station so everyone could assemble their own. and one of our group decided on a taco salad which looked really good too. actually i should do that with the leftover meat, just make a salad. hmmm…..


5 thoughts on “Taco Tuesday

  1. granny says:

    Sounds great. Most people do not like to experiment with changes to a recipe. I love to change things around and voila you have a whole new recipe. Bravo Girl


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