Weekend in Review- Chicago

this weekend was longer than normal. in fact it ended last night at about midnight. that’s when we got home. we’re kind of exhausted but it was a great weekend ! i love vacations lol.

friday we left for chicago. one direct flight and we were home with his family. his cousin was getting married so we attended those celebrations on saturday.


in between the ceremony and reception we had a few hours to kill so we had some Rainbow ice cream and a nap.

check out this little boy trying to dance with my little mama ! she wasn’t having it! i have a hilarious video of her running away from him with her hands in the air because he was trying to hold them. that’s right baby, tell those boys to stay away!

sunday we spent the day with his mom’s dad, celebrating his 75th birthday. we went to church to surprise him then Bucca di Beppo; one of his favorite restaurants. great food and even better spending it with a table full of family celebrating life and love !

after that we went downtown to see D’s best friend (and gf.) it was nice to be B & D not just mom & dad. (yay for babysitters !) we stopped at this place called firecakes (?) huge donut alert ! it was worth the $3. [monday i found out they have some magical donut + ice cream sandwich = need to go back!]  we had buffalo wings and long islands, played corn hole and then all came back to the house to play spades outside in his dad’s awesome backyard. (He has a projector, beautiful garden(!) and lots of comfy seating= backyard goals!) plus the weather was beautiful (ok it was like midnight but the temp felt awesome)

monday we saw more family, and friends that are like family. we played spades and ate at some fancy restaurant called Carsons.

(Their twice baked potato is bomb.com! They bake it, then whip the insides with cheese and sour cream and bake it again and its beautiful and delicious and i need to try it at home) also their cornbread is good. i should make cornbread soon i forgot that i like it lol.especially warm and fresh out the oven with a little butter. yummmmm

Tuesday we slept in, ate leftovers and stayed out of the rain. We had 2 flights and got delayed but it was still a great weekend. So great that I barely took any pics.


One thought on “Weekend in Review- Chicago

  1. granny says:

    Well looks like you had a very busy lovely weekend. And, you were eating things that made my mouth water. The icecream looked out of this world. I love the video of litle Missy and the Boy. Love you


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