Weekend in Review – House work + French toast

i had a nice long weekend; friday off + sat & sun. princess and i slept in friday while D went to work. he came back for us around lunchtime so we could run errands. we had a houseguest friday night so that meant we needed some food in the house and i have been wanting to organize the pantry…

so i organized the pantry on friday. i feel better, but its not there yet..

see this is the before mess. its not a very big pantry but its still kind of a big mess…

so i grabbed some tupperware and a few labels and got to work.

i took everything out the pantry and grouped like items first.

i tried to take things out of boxes, to make things stackable and better utilize vertical space. i didn’t want to lose the cooking directions for somethings so i cut the box and taped the directions on top of the tupperware.

like i said, not there yet but my rice/pasta/dry mix shelf is looking nice.

i also pinned my ziploc bags to the wall on the inside to save shelf space.

saturday morning i made rum infused pecan crusted french toast. really yummy but it needed more rum 🙂

the rest of saturday was kind of rainy. we didn’t do much but watch movies and make chicken parm with zoodles for dinner.

sunday morning was for church and later gym for me. upper body + cardio.


6 thoughts on “Weekend in Review – House work + French toast

  1. bernadette aitken says:

    You lead a full, rich life…love your pantry organisation! If you are ever out of work in your profession, you can cook gourmet meals for corporate functions !! D and the princess are so lucky to have you xx


  2. Genevieve laidley says:

    You are getting there my darling, it’s looking good . Talking of pantry I know mines need a good cleaning . The other day I was looking for a can of beans and the exp. date was 2013. That’s bad, so I will try to tackle soon. Like the French toast 😋 keep it up oh by the way you look amazing😘


  3. granny says:

    I like Nounoune’s comment about the expiration date. I have seen her pantry many times. Once it is organized it is so easy to use the items before the exp. date. When you cannot see what you want you tend to buy more. Keep up the good work my love, it is so satisfying, I feel.


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