Weekend in Review – Gym + Farmer’s Market

i love having house guests. especially when they are my mom and little bro. they came up late friday.

saturday morning we hit the gym up. legs + cardio + abs. little bro maxed out on the lat pull at 135 lbs. he’s getting so big, and starting to fill out  from working out and baseball and become this little man. he’s not a little baby anymore 😦

 after that we ran errands. i finally got some pillows to help dress the bed up, and i got a new bedskirt and fitted sheet. is this what it’s like to be a responsible adult, to dress your bed? and be like kind of excited about it?? lol i need a new comforter and i think it’ll look really good. i want a white one. i love white linens, but damn king comforters/duvets/sheet sets cost a lot. especially the cute ones 😦  i want to change the lamps cause they don’t fit the rest of the room, but they’re nice and i don’t feel like spending money on lamps right now.

sunday we went to the farmers market. it was hot. like clothes sticking to your body hot. like wishing you had a thigh gap so your legs wouldn’t feel so uncomfortable when they high five together hot. like make you want to take a nap under a tree in the shade hot. like drink a cold lemonade and still feel thirsty hot. like fall asleep in the car on the way home cause you’re so tired from the heat hot.

but it was fun.

the weather was beautiful if you were in the shade and the fooood. oh the food. we ate chicken empanadas, and hawaiian chicken with filipino noodles and had virgin mojitos and funnel cake. i also saw cheese fries, these cool drinks in cored pineapples and asian dumplings that i wanted to eat, but like i have a figure I’m trying to keep. i was tempted to buy some homemade soap and roasted almonds. people were selling beautiful orchids, ice treats for dogs, custom aprons and there were lots of jewelry stands. lots of other cool vendors that i need to check out. they’re there every sunday, so that’s my plan. it’s a nice little sunday outing. except the finding parking part, that always sucks.


mom and little bro left that evening, because responsibilities 😦 …

dinner later that night was roasted carrots, creamy garlic baby potatoes and chicken in an italian sauce. might have to make a post about those potatoes, they were good.


3 thoughts on “Weekend in Review – Gym + Farmer’s Market

  1. granny says:

    You certainly fill up your weekends, and when Mom and Bro are there it is even better. That farmer’s market is really very nice and as you say the food is wonderful. Looked scrumptuous! It amazes me how many dogs, all shapes and sizes, walk through that area too. I would love to put hearts for you but do not know how to find them, or any little signs. Need help

    Liked by 1 person

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