Weekend in Review – Mommy Sunday

i was off on friday so i spent it at the gym and trying to clean out my house/ car.

i did leg work at the gym, and let me tell you here we are monday morning and i am still sore.

i was able to find my black cardigan [that i was missing for at least half a year and ended up just buying another one because i couldn’t find it] and went thru a few things that i was able to sort into a toss & donate pile. i came to terms that my garage needs a good looking at. i mean there’s stuff in there that we haven’t touched in months, dare i even say it year+. im sure we don’t even know what we have out there and as such it obviously isn’t so important -so i can do a toss& donate with it.

i’m really learning the value of peace in my home not being equated to things.

things build up into clutter and clutter is not meaningful. garage cleaning is coming soon. maybe my next off friday..

saturday was a lazy day. movies with little mama + trip to the store to pick up some ingredients for an upcoming cupcake order. can’t wait to show you how they turn out 😀

i also got this awesome box of cookie cutters. i want to experiment a little with decorated cookies especially with all the holidays coming up.

i didn’t really pay attention to the size of the cutters til i got home though. O_O check out this gingerbread lady on my hand!

sunday was family day. i made a mexican chopped salad with dressing to take to my friends house where we had a mom + baby day with of lots of yummy food:

mexican chopped salad

fruit salad

bbq chicken

steamed fish

baked sweet potatoes

roasted corn

chicken + turkey burgers



One thought on “Weekend in Review – Mommy Sunday

  1. granny says:

    What a spread!! Would love to have the salad recipe, looks absolutely wonderful. All looked delicious.
    Yes, like I always tell people, if you have not worn something for about a year, or looked on shelves or in boxes for a long time, then a lot can be thrown out or donated. Books and DVDs to library, clothes and other stuff to Goodwill. It makes your home, and I mean home, not house, such a lovely place to be in and enjoy. Love you


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