Fridge Organization

i am still slowing organizing my house.

my fridge was a pretty big offender that i finally did something about. it is not something that you would notice as it remains closed most of the time, but organizing it has made a world of a difference.

its not my ideal fridge, i would prefer something like:


something where i don’t need to bend down to see inside.i mean look at all the space in these babies ! the fact that you see everything when you open it, and the adjustable shelves on both sides, yeah that’s a win in my book.

but we rent so its not like i have an option of changing ours out; i make due with it, im not really complaining… although the middle door shelf keeps falling off and has now broken 3 times, and i had to replace the glass on the last shelf. did i mention this fridge has been discontinued? companies don’t discontinue their top products, know what i’m saying? -_-

alright, well there is like a scientific best practice for what to keep where. the airflow and temperature and way the heat rises to the top means you should keep certain things in certain places.

i always knew veggies and fruits should be kept in the bottom drawers, but i didn’t know its because those drawers experience a different level of humidity.

also you want to keep things like dairy items, the ones that go bad more quickly than other groceries, close to the bottom shelf. things in the door should be like condiments or things that don’t need to be as cold, as that is the warmest part of your fridge.

I’ve also tried to move all my leftovers to the top shelf. so i can always see what needs to be eaten first.

i got a couple of those plastic clear bins from tj maxx and burlington coat factory to create “easy pull drawers”. they work out great for the lower shelves, because i pull the bin out and grab what i need; instead of having to move all the items if what i want is more towards the back. it also helps with containing mess, cause i hate wiping down spills that have become cold and stuck to the glass shelves.

on the top shelf i have one bin for more savory items, like pasta sauce, chili sauce, a salad dressing that doesn’t fit in the drawer. then i have a bin for the sweet stuff, caramel, maple syrup, hot fudge sundae topping, etc.


4 thoughts on “Fridge Organization

  1. Genevieve laidley says:

    I know what u mean, it looks great keep it up. Always remember that things that are old in the fridge can also cause the other items to also go bad. They are also known to cause samonilla. Babes don’t worry one of these days you will have a big fridge just like that. Have u ever heard the saying, “every dog has its day” 😁 You will have yours too, be patient ❤️😘👍

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  2. granny says:

    Those top frigs really look wonderful, and I bet they have a huge price to go with them. If your frig is broken, and you are a renter, the owner should fix it or change it for you. You are a good renter so ask them. How come you do not put the dressings, mayo, tomato ketchup etc in your door. Jams and preserves can go there too.
    Again where and how do I get the little hearts and other goods to put on my replies. Love them, especially the hearts.

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