Garlic Creamy Baby Potatoes

Another side dish.

The last time i bought baby potatoes they literally sat in the back of my pantry til i was sure it probably wasn’t safe to eat them anymore.

This time when i saw them in the store I knew I wouldn’t be so careless.

They are super easy to make and are a recipe I got off pinterest. (click link to see what they did)



5 thoughts on “Garlic Creamy Baby Potatoes

  1. Lovefoodies says:

    Hi Bianca, I’m glad you enjoyed my recipe- it really is a delicious one. Unfortunately, you’ve just reprinted my recipe without authorisation and this will negatively impact both of us. You’re welcome to use a picture with a direct link back to my recipe but as per my site policy, I do not allow or give permission for my recipes to be reprinted.
    If you need any clarification on our Copyright terms please see here.

    Thanks for your anticipated co operation.


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