Weekend in Review- Halloween

friday we went to baby girl’s halloween school party. we were the only parents dressed up actually. the lady at the front desk was sooo excited she told us we had to take a picture for the school. 🙂 .. and then she sent another teacher to tell babygirl’s teacher that they needed a pic of the 3 of us… and then she called the class to remind them, lol.

i guess they don’t have a lot of fun parents that are willing to dress up 🙂

later we had game night but i had to finish decorating these football cookies.

saturday we were supposed to meet my friend at her church for a fall festival. but we didnt get ready in time so we ended up going by ourselves. actually i think we didn’t even go to her church but we had fun at a fall festival!

babygirl got on 3 rides, and after each one was done she clapped. it was the cutest thing! she was so well behaved, meanwhile the little boy who skipped her to get on the train first was standing up while the ride was moving, and calling out for his mom to come get him.

we let her play some of the games and she actually ended up winning a goldfish all by herself! [you got ping pong balls that you had to throw into these small mouth jars, and she did it !] too bad when we got home she kept saying “i don’t like him” lol

we had some fresh squeezed lemonade and funnel cake. you can’t tell but they put chocolate syrup on one side and it was AWESOME. cheat food all weekend !

we didn’t dress her up for trick or treating but we did watch hocus pocus (my favorite halloween movie) and pass out candy to other kids.

sunday we had a music video being shot at our house lol.

technically he is dwights nephew, but we are going to call him our cousin. well he moved down here and is involved with music and all that and he asked was it ok to shoot a video at our house and we said yes.

we offered some advice and gave some help, and i can’t wait to see the final product 🙂

[backstory is him and his girl are at home, and he is always leaving to go put in work in the music studio cause he is so close to making it. he leaves her at home alone while she is dressed for her birthday dinner, gets in late at night, they argue when he comes back home on another occasion, blah blah]

after they wrapped for the shoot, a few stayed back and we played phase 10 –  for like 3 hours. one game ! that’ s what happens when you play with 6 people though, things get crazy and they game gets longer. but it was a lot of fun.


2 thoughts on “Weekend in Review- Halloween

  1. granny says:

    The cookie decorations are just awesome. Glad you had fun at the festival. High five to little Missy for winning a gold fish. Do you still have it, or did go the way of most gold fishes?


  2. Genevieve laidley says:

    Sounds like lots fun of this weekend, I love funnel cake and chocolate drizzle sounds even better yummy😋 Your cookies are so beautiful, very professional. Great job. Love you, big kisses


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