Weekend in Review- Bake , Cake and Presents

friday was a good day.

i got some errands done including getting babygirl’s stuff for xmas. i didn’t have plans for what to get her as she is still young but target + cartwheel app is bomb.com. Found a Frozen doll + toddler dress; original price $35, on sale for $27 and then a 50% cartwheel coupon. For $13.50 i couldn’t pass it up. She has been obsessing over Frozen this season and i don’t mind getting her a few small things. I am grateful to be able to have the means to do it and am grateful that she is such an amazing little human.

Target dollar section had some Frozen hairclips, and Minions ones, and a 3pk of Frozen socks. Everyone could use some cute character socks.

Also I bought her some dress up shoes. She goes to her friend’s house and immediately they reach for the dress up clothes. I figured I could get her some dress up stuff too. Target had single light up dress-up shoes for $9, but this 4pk was $20. I am all about the bargains, coupons and savings, can you guess which one I got?

I also found this awesome little cake store that is closer than my other one so I picked up a few things, and I got my eye on a few more. I can’t wait to use the gold I bought on some christmas cookies that i will be baking soon. Eeek! pictures will be coming too.

I had an order for Saturday, so I was also picking up a few ingredients to complete:

Red Velvet Cupcakes

Rum Cake Bites

& a small cake that had strawberries.



saturday we watched christmas movies all day then went to a basketball game with little mama’s friend & his family.

sunday was a errand day. went on a hunt for some other christmas stuff; i am grossly behind this year. sighhh. Thankfully most people I buy for don’t want anything so I am doing small appreciation gifts.

Also today is my wordpress Anniversary !!

3 years ago I started this blog !!


So happy anniversary to US, thank you for reading and commenting and following  ❤ ❤


4 thoughts on “Weekend in Review- Bake , Cake and Presents

  1. granny says:

    I do not know where you find the time or the energy to do all that you do do. My amazing granddaughter. Everything looks so good. One day I hope I can taste some of your delicious looking cookes, cakes etc.

    Love and kisses.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. bernadette aitken says:

    ooo that would be my wish too….meanwhile I enjoy looking at the photos of the baked goods, and appreciating your energy and ingenuity as well….your second cousin…Bernadette xx


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