Christmas is Coming !!

I feel like christmas really snuck up on me this year. Do you feel like that too? Like where is the time to get everything done? I’m not even really shopping for a lot of people, don’t plan on decorating my yard, and am still wondering how its already December 10.

Christmas is  like 2 weeks away and I need to bake and decorate cookies !

I have to get a christmas pic of babygirl!

I need to make some christmas cards !

I am behind ! Make me feel better and tell me you don’t know where the time has gone either…


But I did get a few cards out the way this week…

And I did bake some chocolate cookies yesterday, whch I plan to decorate later…

Now to get that christmas pic of my little elf…


One thought on “Christmas is Coming !!

  1. granny says:

    Yes, time flies so quickly now. It is hard to believe that it is Christmas time again. Seems it was only a couple of months ago. I would love some chocolate cookies, you and I are the big chocolate lovers, I think. I know that many people ae not sending cars, giving gifts or decorating. as you know I have had to. Just the fac that family can be together is enough for me, and for many. That is what counts.
    Love you


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