Weekend in Review – Christmas Cookie Prep

A lot of baking happened this weekend.

Also a lot of peepeeing in the potty.

That’s right my big girl was using the potty like a lady, not a baby. I’m a proud mommy right now…Especially cause I am still trying to rid my car of the pee smell from the accidents of last week. 🙂

Friday baby girl and I went to a Christmas themed surprise bday party for my friends fiancée.

She collects nutcrackers so babygirl was fascinated looking at all of them, and they have a 10.5 ft christmas tree so that was impressive too.

I am collecting nutcrackers now too; they’re fun. I mean i know they don’t actually do anything, but yeah.

Saturday, I partially gave up my search for baby girl’s school Christmas pics. They were all cute this time around, like she smiled for the camera and everything! So I bought two from the photographer and for the life of me I can’t find them in the house, the car, my computer bag, anywhere!

I am kind of frustrated cause it is the first time she has cooperated for professional shots and the evidence is nowhere to be found!! They will probably show up this time next year and I will send it out then, I guess….

I bribed her with one of her previous bday gifts that she never opened and got her to stand in front of the tree to take my own christmas pics. I need something to put on the card!

No this isn’t the actual pic, but you can see how cooperative she was being with me.

Then I baked a lot of cookies. Like a lot, but I didn’t realize it was a lot til I I did inventory of them on Sunday night.

155 in total.

Granted 105 were mini ones, but still. That is alot.

Sunday I went to brunch with my friend who I haven’t seen in like 4 years. She moved to Georgia and happened to be in town this weekend. Yay.

After brunch I started decorating my ridiculous hoard of cookies and had a friend and her little mama come over.

Here’s a sneak peek of some of the cookies: 

Like I said, I made a lot of mini cookies, and alot of larger cute christmas shapes. Can’t wait to finish so I can show you!



2 thoughts on “Weekend in Review – Christmas Cookie Prep

  1. granny says:

    You are such a busy bee. Good to know that little missy is learning to better use the potty. One day soon it will be all the time. Little ones tend to be too busy to think about going until it is too late.
    Love the cookies, hope I shall get one to sample.


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