Weekend in Review – free yard sale?

this weekend was jam packed. not with jam but with family.

friday we had a lot of people over cause family was in town for the weekend. D made some wings, I put some garlic bread in the oven and made some spinach-craisin-feta-almond-orange zest salad. my aunt brought over some rice and beans and stewed chicken, my uncle brought over cheese and crackers, and i baked a cake.

it was D’s nephew’s birthday earlier in the week so we sang happy birthday with this cake. it was chocolate on the inside. and Peanut Butter Frosting on the outside, with a chocolate ganache drip and chopped Reese’s on top. also i sprayed some gold mist on top, just for fun.

It was magnificient. Everyone kept talking about how moist the cake was, and how great the frosting was and it made me so happy that it made them happy! He texted me later to say thank you so much for the cake and how it was “literally the best cake ever!” 🙂

Dwight even said he would have love this for his birthday cake. can you imagine that?  well no you probably can’t, but let me tell you D does not like chocolate. he can eat a chocolate bar, he likes Reeses but he is not a chocolate ice cream or chocolate cake person! he doesn’t understand how i can buy double  dark chocolate chip ice cream and eat all of it by myself.

BUT he wants this cake for his birthday ! -im writing down this cake combo in the recipe books as a winner for sure.



saturday we helped clean my uncle’s storage unit out as he was giving away all the things he no longer wants. it was a long day, i don’t think anyone realized how much stuff was in there.

we also helped move some of it in my cousin’s new place as she just moved up this weekend. when i say we moved things i actually mean Dwight lol. without him i don’t know how we would have done any of it actually. the movers packed my uncles storage unit so full and so high with stuff that only he was able to reach any of the top stuff to start unpacking it all in the first place.

we acquired some new gym stuff for the garage, a new shelf unit for the kitchen/dining room, some bar glasses, some new patio furniture, some plastic organizing bins which i already put in the craft room, and a pool table. oh and some tools too. (which i’m going to use to make some food photography props 🙂 )


sunday was time for relaxing. i think we were all pretty tired. but it was my uncle’s birthday so i baked his favorite cake: carrot. and i forgot to take a picture of that too 😦 but everyone loved that one as well!

and then most of the out-of-towners had to go back home 😦

weekends are too short, but i had an amazing time regarless









One thought on “Weekend in Review – free yard sale?

  1. granny says:

    Well, we now have another favourite cake to bake whenever their is a party. It really must have been quite a weekend, (glad I was not there) unpacking the storage and getting it off to where it had to go, including Goodwill. Bravo! to all who were involved. Love


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