New Storage Pieces

so i told you about the new bar area and craft room storage I have right?

I thought I’d show you what I did with them. I don’t have before pics but I’ll try to envision what used to be in the space prior.


first up: new bar area.

previously: an ottoman that fit perfectly in this corner! most often was home to: a silver  bucket (maybe 10 gallon) that held water bottles that couldn’t fit in the fridge and clothes that needed to be folded. also lost dolls, dish towels that mini me used as blankets for said lost dolls, lonely socks, and occasionally gym shoes as well. the ottoman kind of blocked some access to the sliding glass door which led to the patio though. this bookshelf has a smaller footprint and makes more space in this corner.

my original intention for this was to store my ever growing baking supplies. I saw a post somewhere of someone that organizes all their cookie cutters and other baking tools in plastic see thru bins on a book shelf. I thought wow why didn’t i think of that? instead of trying to cram all my baking things into my cabinets, kitchen island, pantry and guest bed room??

well my uncle was giving this bad boy away and i kind of love the style of the shelves cause it fits perfectly with the other dark furniture we have. but as soon as it got home ( and i realized we also acquired new drinking glasses) -*lightbulb* lets use it as a bar area instead!

previously i stuffed our fancy glasses above the kitchen sink cabinet but i wasn’t going to have enough space to store all of these in that cabinet. and i love that i can put my servingware on it as well. it makes me feel like an adult to have these kinds of things, you know for like entertaining other people 🙂 which we kind of like to do.



next up: new craft storage

closet’s previous contents: 2 bins of xmas gear, baby play yard, bin of craft paper and various school supplies, old audrey hepburn pics from my apartment when i lived by myself, wrapping paper, gift bags, tissue paper, sweaters, etc etc…

now y’all know my craft room used to be A HOT MESS. it’s really a guest bedroom that i was ashamed to have to let guests use. but i buckled down and got a lot of it organized a while back.[ see that post here: Craft Room Storage ]

well a few months ago that little wire shelf system passed away peacefully in its sleep. i’ve had it for some time now so i wasn’t too upset. But it meant i had to lay the shelves of stuff out on the floor and that defeated the purpose of craft room cleanliness.

in comes these plastic shelves. my uncle didn’t need them and i knew that i could give them a new home. a home where they would be loved and wanted and where they could live their purpose out respectfully.

(i still need to label the drawers but i like that they fit in the closet and hold more than my old wire shelves did.)




2 thoughts on “New Storage Pieces

  1. granny says:

    They look super. I have only one thing to add. Is the book shelf anchored to the wall. Sometimes with not much effort they can fall forward. You do not want that to happen. You would probably have to use toggles in the wall to screw shelf base to wall. Maybe two screws on the top shelf would do the trick. Ask Uncle B.

    Love all your ideas, your wonderful brain is full of those. Love you too.


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