Weekend in Review – Dinner Party

Friday- a little gym time, a little house cleaning time, a little diy lighting making and game night.

I’m super ecstatic that more family is in town because that means more get togethers! I made stuffed shells and Caesar salad and a kit kat version of the cake I made last week.

We played monopoly and heads up after stuffing our faces with stuffed shells.

Monopoly is super intense in our house. And D is a an absolute beast at it so he always wins lol. But heads up was a lot of fun, no one really wins but we all laughed a lot.

Here is the cake with half of my new lighting setup. (More on the set up later but I’m super exited to take better pics now )


Saturday we went to a basketball game with 3/4 people that came to game night. They ended up coming back to our house for pizza after. [Next time you order a pizza ask for them to cut it in squares, you’ll eat less pizza !]

D helped Tre with his math homework and the rest of us watched pitch perfect 2.

Sunday we made it to church. Well the later service, but hey we made it!

After that I went to get my phone screen fixed. For some time now, like some months, I’ve had intermittent outages when the screen just straight up doesn’t work. And it’s a touchscreen phone so that means you can’t use it. It got really bad this weekend, like I couldn’t use it for a good 7+ hours so I finally caved and went to get it checked out. Which resulted in me waiting now at the mall for like 3 hours. But they had a Barnes & Noble in the mall so I sat on the floor and read.I missed reading. I walked out the mall with two new books and a new phone.

Tre was over again for homework help with D, then did some cooking lessons with me. We made yellow rice, roasted asparagus, Italian chicken and baked sweet potatoes.

No pictures 😦 – we remembered after it was done hahaha.

And then I baked some banana bread with my overripe bananas. It was a sweet end to the weekend.

Also I did a terrible job decorating some vday cookies just to get some decorating practice in.

And so I could have things to take pictures of in my set up.

And so we had some cookies in the house.



5 thoughts on “Weekend in Review – Dinner Party

  1. granny says:

    Your energy is way over the top. I do not know where you get it, but, I do admire you so much and love even more. What did you stuff the shells with, ricotta? Have you tried to do Manicotti, I love those, about the same as stuffed shells, with the tomato sauce (home made, of course). Glad you are having so much fun and that you have some more family there. Love and confrats again


    • Bianca says:

      i love you even more than that ❤ I spooned some homemade tomato meat sauce into the shells first, then a mix of ricotta + italian 6 cheese mix+ dried spices + 1 egg. going to try manicotti soon! love youu


  2. bernadette aitken says:

    I’m always hungry after I read your posts lol….I’m with Pat…don’t know how you have the energy to work, raise a child and do all your fabulous decorated cookies and cakes, and the “gourmet” meals…well done… ps are you still making jewellery ?? xx Bernadette xx


    • Bianca says:

      thanks so much bernadette ! 🙂 i made a few pieces for xmas gifts but haven’t picked it back up like i was before. little miss likes playing with the beads so it makes it a tricky situation to control haha


  3. Genevieve laidley says:

    You are amazing, everything looks delicious. The pictures are so much brighter and really show the work. Great job my darling, keep it up😀😘❤️👍

    Liked by 1 person

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