DIY Lighting

So I don’t know that I would label myself a food blogger per se but at times I blog and there is food involved.

And let’s not even pretend I have great kitchen lighting to capture the essence of whatever I’m trying to show you at the time. Actually there’s no really good lighting in my house at all. Yeah it gets the job done but I’m not just shooting for getting the job done, I’m shooting for that shot that evokes that feeling in you that I get when I take that first bite into it! I bake too and I needed to take better pics of that for sure so i did some research into food photography.

The collective answer to better food pics is to first use natural light. That is not an option for me most times, as is the case for a lot of others. So that means using some good artificial light. Not the overhead kitchen light I have, not the flash on my camera phone, not the stove light but actual photography light.

I found a lot of people that said the Ego light was the way to go, and it’s relatively cheap for good quality photography lighting but I couldn’t find any for less than $150 and all of it was basically back ordered anyway.

In comes the DIY, inspiration via a lot of others attempts to recreate the ego light on a budget. I didn’t take pics of my process because well I was trying to do it by myself and there’s lots of tutorials you can check out if you’re so inclined. I was happy that most people said it was less than $30 to make one as compared to the $150 + shipping.


Also, these are my terrible pics of the thing itself but like you get the idea right?

( Inside the cross stitch mesh screen) I’m thinking about lining the inside with foil

(this is a view of the back, i added some extra supports? also you can see the second one I made in the back )  I did a terrible job at cutting thru the foam board cleanly but my light works so i don’t care much.


Materials (to make 1)

2x foam core board- 20″x30″- ($3.49 @ joann + use a coupon to get it cheaper!)

2x CFL natural daylight bulbs -23w 5500k- ($12.49 for 4 pk)

1x Double socket adapter

Ikea hemma light kit ($5 from ikea but you can get on amazon for $12)

Cross stitch mesh ($3.49 for the one from joann I got + coupon)

(Box cutter, tape, ruler or measuring thing, hot glue gun)


The cross stitch was 15″ x 18″ and the board was 20″x30″ so I cut about 2 inches off the 2″ side.

I measured how big i wanted the “back of the lightbox” to be and found that i needed a 8″-9″ center panel. So i scored a 9″ panel into the center and bent the sides in to make my light box shape.

I used the hole of the light kit to see how big i needed to make a center hole for it to fit thru and then screwed 2 of the bulbs into the double socket adapter and then into the light kit.

I measured on the second sheet of foam board a base and top and hot glued it on.

Then i used masking tape to place the cross stitch mesh in the front.

The end.

(Was that was kind of confusing? Like I said I kind of winged it but I knew generally what to do and there are other tutorials out there in case you’re trying to make one for yourself and my directions aren’t clear enough)


5 thoughts on “DIY Lighting

  1. granny says:

    Is this the first installment? And, more importantly, did it work to your satisfaction. You are too clever, no wonder the little Missy is so bright. Love always


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