DIY Preview

another DIY coming up soon, but i’ll give you a preview of what the before looks like:


 i got the idea for this off pinterest (of course)- can you guess what it will be?

I’ve got to repaint it and add a few things, i also will probably take the doors off, and change the knobs for the small drawer on the right.

best part was i got this baby for only $15 on craigslist!

it happened to be the cheapest one i saw  that also had the perfect dimensions for the space. it was a win. and the girl we bought it from was really sweet. it couldn’t fit in the trunk with the door closed so we needed some rope, she didn’t have any but drove me to a store to get some.


One thought on “DIY Preview

  1. Granny says:

    Clever girl, and, I love that you look for things that are cheap to good prices, not going for the most expensive. It is beautiful already and I think it is probably an entertainment centre. Why people will not take the time to search for bargains is beyond me.
    Love you


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