Convos with a toddler- ep.2

Backstory: we are driving in the nearby town center and pass some places including a place that sells mainly salads


Mini: I want go there (the salad place)

Me: mama you don’t want to go there. They have salad.

Mini: I want to go there.

Me: you don’t eat salad. We have to go somewhere else anyway.

Mini: yeah

(We go to Joann’s -my happy craft place-and get what we came for and get back in the car)

Mini: I want to eat the salad.



Backstory: Dwight got a shake for us to share.

Mini is checking us out in the front seat passing the shake back and forth.


Mini: I want some

D: ok you can have a little…. Do you like it?

Mini: yes I like it (Gives it to me.) mommy likes it.

D: yes mommy likes it but she wanted me to get a different one.

(I’m still trying to pull some thru the straw cause the Oreo pieces are blocking the flow)

Mini: daddy, mommy’s not sharing, I want some

i look incredulously at d who is laughing


Backstory: d got me skittles and bri some chips from the gas station. He comes back to the car trying to hide the bag and slyly passes me the skittles.


Mini: what is that

D: I got something for mommy

Mini: I want some

D: you don’t even know what it is, and it’s for mommy

Mini: I want some

D: but I got something for you too (proceeds to hand her the bag)

Mini: (eyes open wide) oooh look what I found mommy ta da

Mini: (heard me eating skittles) what you got there


Weekend in Review – Food Festival

ughhh i hate writing these cause it means the weekend is over, and i just didn’t want this weekend to be over. i had so much fun; but that is pretty much every time my mom comes to visit. and this time she brought my aunt, it was her first weekend here since her baby girl moved up. it was a moms+ baby girls weekend, of course it was fun!

i mean look at those smiles !

saturday we went downtown to the food & wine festival.

so much yummy food !

i also didn’t mind picking up the bogo coupons for some of my fave spots including chipotle (get in my belly sofritas bowl) and this italian ice place where we got this awesomee refreshing strawberry lemon treat (pictured left).

this shrimp & grits won for the day. i don’t even eat grits (!) and i had 3 plates so far lol.

also this tuna + rice + salad bowl; magnifique!

needless to say after all the sun, walking and food, we all needed a nap.

and then we needed some more food. we ended up at my most frequented sushi place where we had the sweetest waiter ever.

keelson (the waiter) was just so thoughtful and nice, like that’s not common anymore. before we left i borrowed his pen to write him a note. i basically told him that his positivity and thoughtfulness was appreciated and not to change and that we were so happy he had our table. after i handed it to him, he told me how much he needed it that day.he said he has only been there for 3 wks and he felt like he’s been messing up but like seriously he was the sweetest, we all agreed.

[you turn on the news and its easy to find so much bad in the world, writing that note made me feel like i was spreading a little light to help out. but honestly it was because of him, he exemplified true customer service. i wish other people stopped to tell a stranger something nice every now and then. maybe the world would be a little less dark you know?]

sunday we slept in and i did some arts and crafts before running some errands for my mom… and grabbing some more of that italian ice!

and then the moms had to go back home 😦 and that made the baby girls sad 😥


Convos with a Toddler – Episode 1

so i kind of have this thing where i post my weekend recap, and i’m thinking i might start another thing of posting convos with a toddler. my toddler…

the things that come of out mini’s mouth sometimes make us laugh so hard and i love hearing what other moms say their kids said/did so i’ll post a few that i remember to start:

[ keep in mind, mini is 2.5 years old. ]

backstory: the other day i got home from running errands with my free chipotle bowl in a brown bag and found her and  D  couch, with her chicken nuggets in the microwave


mini: whats that

me: thats mommy’s food, i think your chicken nuggets are almost ready.

mini: i dont want chicken nuggets i want mommys food.

me: (putting groceries away) baby you aren’t going to like mommy’s food you are going to have chicken nuggets

mini: i want mommy’s food, i don’t want chicken nuggets

me: (pulls a table up to the couch with my food so i can eat, mini’s food isn’t quite ready yet)

mini: (pulls her chair up to the same table, and looks at me expectantly)i want to take a bite

me: baby you aren’t going to like mommy’s food. (takes container out of bag. its a bowl with a foil top. unwraps the foil sides and proceeds to take off cover. opens cover and guac that was stuck to top falls back into the bowl)

mini: EWWWWWWWWWWW (proceeds to throw herself back into the chair) i don’t want that i want chicken nuggets

me: 🙂 i know baby


backstory: it’s valentines day and D has made me Nutella strawberry french toast as im sitting at the table. he brings my plate over to me..


mini: ooh mommy what’s that

me & d: it’s breakfast for mommy

mini: i want to take a bite 😀 (as she smiles big and moves to sit next to me looking at my plate expectantly)

backstory: got takeout seafood for dinner and i had seared ahi tuna.


mini: mommy whats that? eat you food eat you dinner

me: yes this is mommy’s food you want to try?

mini: yeah (I tear a piece and give it to her)

mini: (looks at it in her fingers, licks it) ewwww i don’t like it (proceeds to hand it back)

me: argh ok.

mini: eat you food mommy

me: i am, you want to try it?

mini: yeah (conveniently forgets that she just “tried it” looks at it) i don’t like it (hands it back)



Weekend in Review- Date Night

friday night D & I went to a comedy show after having some yummy pizza at this place called Blaze. It’s like a chipotle but for pizza, you pick whatever topping you want and they flash cook (?) it for you so its ready in like 3 minutes. awesome.

we don’t get mommy & daddy alone time at all so it was nice to go out on a date for a change. the show was really funny  and babygirl had a blast with her babysitters, she didn’t even cry when we left ! (thank you chelsea & devon!! ❤ )

saturday, i went to my bake store to pick some supplies up. they missed me in there, but their hours coincide with me being at work and saturday its hard to get there before 12. welllll come to find out i could have called and they would come back for me if i needed something! game changer right there, i will be using their phone number in the future.

D’s sister  came in town for the weekend (too short of a weekend, and she missed her friday flight- bummmerr !) and we had a birthday party to go to. little miss has a busy social calendar if you didn’t know. she loved seeing little mama out and about playing and talking, and being her beautiful self.

can you believe how big she is getting?? she is really starting to slim down and she talks sooo much and i just want to squeeze her and give her kisses all the time!


(the other day we were watching despicable me for like the 1457986q9450 time and it went to commercial and she looked at me with a sad face

babygirl (bg) : oh no, where minions?

me: its ok, they are coming back baby

bg: yeah its commercial.

me: what?? what did you say

bg: yeah its commercial, minions coming back

me: (laughing) how did you know that this called commercials??)


later i made some “taco soup” (meatless cause you know that whole pescatarian thing) and it turned out really good! I topped it with cheese and sour cream and ate it with chips. i forgot to add corn and salsa but it tasted great and i plan to make it again. who knew i would actually like eating beans??

i also did some decoration prep for baby girls party which i know isn’t for a couple months but you know me, im crazy for crafts.

do you like my paper flowers?? did i tell you the theme of the party? can you guess from this pic??


sunday D’s sister and I went to the gym in the morning and came back to get ready for our college’s basketball game. look at us being supportive alumni 🙂

we invited babygirl’s friend from school and her and him are HILARIOUS together. like a cute married couple. — kind of scary to see that but she fed him popcorn (!) and gave him his sippy cup and wiped his hands and face and they told me that she makes sure he doesn’t forget his jacket when they pick him up from school. she likes really takes care of him ! crazy ! they even hugged and gave each other a kiss on the cheek when it was time to go. (is this what they are encouraging at school?? we didn’t even ask them to do all that, just to say bye to each other lol!)

i made mahi mahi for dinner with green beans and a caprese salad  (sorry no pics) and i tried a peanut butter cup overnight oats recipe for my monday breakfast.

because of all the chocolate chips it is very reminiscent of cookie dough,- which is good for me anyway: i’ve never gotten into eating oatmeal so i’m trying to ease my way into doing it with chocolate :).


Pescatarian ?

pescatarian? what is that? -everyone keeps asking me.

.actually the first time i heard about it was from one of my friends in college.

she said she was pescatarian; it sounded interesting to me, a seafood + vegetarian diet.

i didn’t know if i could commit to giving up chicken wings, and medium-well hibachi steak, and turkey bacon with my eggs in the morning. i thought it would be hard to do away with stew chicken, and beef with broccoli takeout and chicken lazone. plus you need the protein in that stuff right?

but i decided i would try it for Lent this year, to be a pescatarian and to actually do more vegetarian. i wanted to see if it was true, that cutting back on eating animals would give you more energy, have you feel more light and maybe healthier?

lately i’ve been feeling heavy, and my pants around the waist are tight. and sometimes i just want a nap after lunch (maybe that’s cause i’m at work haha).i watched that video about juice fasting and tried that thing, but it wasn’t for me and i didn’t last a day.

also i keep hearing that maintaining livestock for consumption is a heavy factor in global warming, which kind of sucks. so let me try and do my part and lessen that right?

so i figured switching to a more plant based diet might help.

(im also trying to cut back on all the juice and drink more water.)

so goal is eat more plant based food, lose inches around the waist and feel lighter, healthier and all the cool things that go along with those.

wish me luck!

last night’s dinner consisted of mushroom risotto, spinach & strawberry salad and grilled mahi mahi.

also if you have any vegetarian/pescatarian meal ideas, leave me a comment- thanks !

DIY Dress Up Closet

alright so if you didn’t guess it already, my diy post was about a dress up closet!

i’m all about trying to inspire mini’s creativity and increase the fun.


Pinterest inspired this closet, and her christmas presents fueled the need for it.

after finding someone selling an old entertainment center for $15 i couldn’t pass it up.



the thing had a few dents which i tried to fill with wood putty and also for the drawer since i changed the knobs and had excess holes.

we ripped out the doors on the left, the shelf on the left and the back piece that was behind the left side.

we added a dowel rod on the left to hang clothes and a shelf on the right to create more storage space.

and i painted it. let me tell you i did a terrible job of that. its laminate, which just means you need to prime before you paint but i didn’t paint with sufficient lighting. i probably used the wrong brush and the polycrylic dripped in a weird way but i love it still. (i used 2 coats of polycrylic to seal it) and changed the handles on the drawer.


we covered 2 pieces of cardboard with wrapping paper (baby girl’s choice) to create a fun background. and we covered the shelf with silver wrapping paper.
i added some contact paper in the drawer too.


i need to find the rest of her dress up stuff and then it’ll be time to play !

Weekend in Review – Valentines

happy valentines day everyone ❤

friday i hung out with my cousin doing girly things, like getting our nails done, eating sushi ( i went pescatarian for Lent!), and doing a little shopping! Nothing too crazy in the shopping dept, a little cuticle conditioner and hair stuff from Ulta, and some party stuff at Target. We wandered thru Target looking for fun Valentines things but i think everyone scooped all the good stuff up. we opted for some chocolate- what is valentines without chocolate??


saturday my cousin came over to help me because I had to make 10 boxes for Valentines orders. it was fun, we made a mess and in the end i think we made some really beautiful chocolate strawberries for the lovely ladies that were going to be receiving them.

This was some of the beautiful strawberries before: 
And then after:




D and I went on a double date with our friends later that night and had a blast downtown.

Sunday D made me this amazing breakfast. I ate some of the strawberries before i remembered to take a pic hahaha.

It’s nutella and strawberry wrapped up french toast, sprinkled with some powdered sugar. i asked for seconds.

then we did some work on that DIY i mentioned. can you guess what it is yet?

andddd i have been working on my website. sooo exciting. so i officially got it up. it’s for my baking stuff. 🙂 if you want to check it out :

let me know what you think?


i’m slacking in my posting.

i still haven’t finished my DIY.

i need to put my clean laundry away.

i have to go to the grocery store soon.

i need to call my dad to talk about that thing we talked about the other day.

but here’s some crazy valentine’s heart for you to look at:


i mean who doesn’t love chocolate and flowers for valentines day?

(p.s. isn’t my food photography getting better?! – all thanks to my DIY lighting !- see the how to here )