Weekend in Review – mini road trip home

man i feel like i did so much this weekend. i just want to relax today but you know it is monday and work and stuff. blah.

i drove back home on friday with babygirl & cousin. (her parents didn’t know she was coming so we were trying to surprise them. some of the surprise got messed up but we still got her mom pretty good.)

i made a cake for my grandma cause it was her birthday and celebrated at cousins house for said birthday.

saturday i went to my college friend’s gender reveal babyshower.

i was so happy to reunited with my girls. most of them moved away after we graduated and i don’t get to see them often and not generally all at the same time.

not pictured is the one who is having the baby because she was busy being a host and stuff and getting her belly rubbed on. also she is having a boy as most of the crowd suspected.


Sunday morning we had a MADD walk to go to.

we walked 5k, and they had a butterfly release and some games and food. some of my brother’s fraternity brothers were there and they gave us a little sneak peek of a step they do.

after that a few of the group went to lunch at a spanish restaurant where we got them to serve us breakfast; steak and eggs get in my belly.

do you see how grown up my little brother is getting 😦

cafe con leche for everyone.

except watermelon juice for her.


3 thoughts on “Weekend in Review – mini road trip home

  1. Granny says:

    What a lovely blog. It sums up so well our weekend, a really special one for all of us in many, many ways. Hope all of us will be there next year. As you know Nounoune and I did about 1/2 the walk. (age catching up LOL. Love you


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