DIY Dress Up Closet

alright so if you didn’t guess it already, my diy post was about a dress up closet!

i’m all about trying to inspire mini’s creativity and increase the fun.


Pinterest inspired this closet, and her christmas presents fueled the need for it.

after finding someone selling an old entertainment center for $15 i couldn’t pass it up.



the thing had a few dents which i tried to fill with wood putty and also for the drawer since i changed the knobs and had excess holes.

we ripped out the doors on the left, the shelf on the left and the back piece that was behind the left side.

we added a dowel rod on the left to hang clothes and a shelf on the right to create more storage space.

and i painted it. let me tell you i did a terrible job of that. its laminate, which just means you need to prime before you paint but i didn’t paint with sufficient lighting. i probably used the wrong brush and the polycrylic dripped in a weird way but i love it still. (i used 2 coats of polycrylic to seal it) and changed the handles on the drawer.


we covered 2 pieces of cardboard with wrapping paper (baby girl’s choice) to create a fun background. and we covered the shelf with silver wrapping paper.
i added some contact paper in the drawer too.


i need to find the rest of her dress up stuff and then it’ll be time to play !


7 thoughts on “DIY Dress Up Closet

  1. Granny says:

    It is beautiful my dear, good job. I am sure Little Missy is thrilled with it. Hope she will learn to put things back in the right places, she is so bright I am sure she does.The painting looks professional in the pictures, and, only you know where you may have gone wrong. Love it.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Genevieve laidley says:

    It came out beautiful, very professional and new looking. Only u know where u went wrong. She is going to have a great time. I want to play dress up😁 Great job😘


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