Pescatarian ?

pescatarian? what is that? -everyone keeps asking me.

.actually the first time i heard about it was from one of my friends in college.

she said she was pescatarian; it sounded interesting to me, a seafood + vegetarian diet.

i didn’t know if i could commit to giving up chicken wings, and medium-well hibachi steak, and turkey bacon with my eggs in the morning. i thought it would be hard to do away with stew chicken, and beef with broccoli takeout and chicken lazone. plus you need the protein in that stuff right?

but i decided i would try it for Lent this year, to be a pescatarian and to actually do more vegetarian. i wanted to see if it was true, that cutting back on eating animals would give you more energy, have you feel more light and maybe healthier?

lately i’ve been feeling heavy, and my pants around the waist are tight. and sometimes i just want a nap after lunch (maybe that’s cause i’m at work haha).i watched that video about juice fasting and tried that thing, but it wasn’t for me and i didn’t last a day.

also i keep hearing that maintaining livestock for consumption is a heavy factor in global warming, which kind of sucks. so let me try and do my part and lessen that right?

so i figured switching to a more plant based diet might help.

(im also trying to cut back on all the juice and drink more water.)

so goal is eat more plant based food, lose inches around the waist and feel lighter, healthier and all the cool things that go along with those.

wish me luck!

last night’s dinner consisted of mushroom risotto, spinach & strawberry salad and grilled mahi mahi.

also if you have any vegetarian/pescatarian meal ideas, leave me a comment- thanks !


4 thoughts on “Pescatarian ?

  1. Granny says:

    I love vegetables, all kinds of vegs, and, I love fish, but, fish is so expensive. I applaud you and I am sure you find it delicious. The only thing I would say is be careful when buying fish these days. Read where they come from first and foremost, A lot of fish and crustaceans are farm raised. You need to avoid them, especially from China and Vietnam. If you saw how they are raised you would never eat fish again. You want to get the wild, ocean fish. I shall look up some recipes for you. Is little Missy also eating vegs and fish, it would be good to introduce her to different kinds of foors.. Love always

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  2. wholeheartbliss says:

    Technically vegan, but anything by Isa Chandra Moskowitz is amazing. You can easily add fish to most of her dishes. Also don’t underestimate the power of a basic baked sweet potato and asparagus. My go to “easy” meal.


    • Bianca says:

      thanks ! i’ll check that out.
      i do asparagus and sweet potato a lot actually!
      i love to put the baked sweet potato in the toaster oven sliced in half with a little parmesan cheese sprinkled on both sides on broil for a few minutes; so yummy ! 🙂


  3. Genevieve Laidley says:

    Like you I love my stew chicken, oxtail, a nice juicy steak, do on and so on. I also like fish, not telapia😛 But definitely a veggie and fish diet would do me and uncle Mark good. Your dinner looks delicious. Keep it up, staying healthy is essential to a long and happy life❤️😘😄

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