Weekend in Review- Date Night

friday night D & I went to a comedy show after having some yummy pizza at this place called Blaze. It’s like a chipotle but for pizza, you pick whatever topping you want and they flash cook (?) it for you so its ready in like 3 minutes. awesome.

we don’t get mommy & daddy alone time at all so it was nice to go out on a date for a change. the show was really funny  and babygirl had a blast with her babysitters, she didn’t even cry when we left ! (thank you chelsea & devon!! ❤ )

saturday, i went to my bake store to pick some supplies up. they missed me in there, but their hours coincide with me being at work and saturday its hard to get there before 12. welllll come to find out i could have called and they would come back for me if i needed something! game changer right there, i will be using their phone number in the future.

D’s sister  came in town for the weekend (too short of a weekend, and she missed her friday flight- bummmerr !) and we had a birthday party to go to. little miss has a busy social calendar if you didn’t know. she loved seeing little mama out and about playing and talking, and being her beautiful self.

can you believe how big she is getting?? she is really starting to slim down and she talks sooo much and i just want to squeeze her and give her kisses all the time!


(the other day we were watching despicable me for like the 1457986q9450 time and it went to commercial and she looked at me with a sad face

babygirl (bg) : oh no, where minions?

me: its ok, they are coming back baby

bg: yeah its commercial.

me: what?? what did you say

bg: yeah its commercial, minions coming back

me: (laughing) how did you know that this called commercials??)


later i made some “taco soup” (meatless cause you know that whole pescatarian thing) and it turned out really good! I topped it with cheese and sour cream and ate it with chips. i forgot to add corn and salsa but it tasted great and i plan to make it again. who knew i would actually like eating beans??

i also did some decoration prep for baby girls party which i know isn’t for a couple months but you know me, im crazy for crafts.

do you like my paper flowers?? did i tell you the theme of the party? can you guess from this pic??


sunday D’s sister and I went to the gym in the morning and came back to get ready for our college’s basketball game. look at us being supportive alumni 🙂

we invited babygirl’s friend from school and her and him are HILARIOUS together. like a cute married couple. — kind of scary to see that but she fed him popcorn (!) and gave him his sippy cup and wiped his hands and face and they told me that she makes sure he doesn’t forget his jacket when they pick him up from school. she likes really takes care of him ! crazy ! they even hugged and gave each other a kiss on the cheek when it was time to go. (is this what they are encouraging at school?? we didn’t even ask them to do all that, just to say bye to each other lol!)

i made mahi mahi for dinner with green beans and a caprese salad  (sorry no pics) and i tried a peanut butter cup overnight oats recipe for my monday breakfast.

because of all the chocolate chips it is very reminiscent of cookie dough,- which is good for me anyway: i’ve never gotten into eating oatmeal so i’m trying to ease my way into doing it with chocolate :).



One thought on “Weekend in Review- Date Night

  1. Granny says:

    So much in your blog. Everything sounds wonderful and looks great. Love the bits about little Missy, so cute. She is too bright for her good! Next door to me there is a little girl, Sofia, who is B’s age, born in September though. She has fallen in love with me, always looking for me and wanting to have a chat, I do not always understand her thought, like for Missy. She still has the soother, though each time I see her she knows I do not approve and she takes it out. Love the taco soup, how do you make it? Not sure what the porridge is that you are using, let me know. Love you ssoooooooooo muuuuuuuuuuuch

    Liked by 1 person

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