Convos with a Toddler – Episode 1

so i kind of have this thing where i post my weekend recap, and i’m thinking i might start another thing of posting convos with a toddler. my toddler…

the things that come of out mini’s mouth sometimes make us laugh so hard and i love hearing what other moms say their kids said/did so i’ll post a few that i remember to start:

[ keep in mind, mini is 2.5 years old. ]

backstory: the other day i got home from running errands with my free chipotle bowl in a brown bag and found her and  D  couch, with her chicken nuggets in the microwave


mini: whats that

me: thats mommy’s food, i think your chicken nuggets are almost ready.

mini: i dont want chicken nuggets i want mommys food.

me: (putting groceries away) baby you aren’t going to like mommy’s food you are going to have chicken nuggets

mini: i want mommy’s food, i don’t want chicken nuggets

me: (pulls a table up to the couch with my food so i can eat, mini’s food isn’t quite ready yet)

mini: (pulls her chair up to the same table, and looks at me expectantly)i want to take a bite

me: baby you aren’t going to like mommy’s food. (takes container out of bag. its a bowl with a foil top. unwraps the foil sides and proceeds to take off cover. opens cover and guac that was stuck to top falls back into the bowl)

mini: EWWWWWWWWWWW (proceeds to throw herself back into the chair) i don’t want that i want chicken nuggets

me: 🙂 i know baby


backstory: it’s valentines day and D has made me Nutella strawberry french toast as im sitting at the table. he brings my plate over to me..


mini: ooh mommy what’s that

me & d: it’s breakfast for mommy

mini: i want to take a bite 😀 (as she smiles big and moves to sit next to me looking at my plate expectantly)

backstory: got takeout seafood for dinner and i had seared ahi tuna.


mini: mommy whats that? eat you food eat you dinner

me: yes this is mommy’s food you want to try?

mini: yeah (I tear a piece and give it to her)

mini: (looks at it in her fingers, licks it) ewwww i don’t like it (proceeds to hand it back)

me: argh ok.

mini: eat you food mommy

me: i am, you want to try it?

mini: yeah (conveniently forgets that she just “tried it” looks at it) i don’t like it (hands it back)




3 thoughts on “Convos with a Toddler – Episode 1

  1. Granny says:

    Curiosity gets the better of her, but it will take time for her to eat it. But, keep trying to get her to try different things. I can just see her little face eager and then ewwww


  2. Genevieve laidley says:

    This is good to sort of keep a journal of what they come up with because we can’t remember all the cute things they say. She’s too funny and she loves food even if they are ewwww😁 At least she tries😘

    Liked by 1 person

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