Weekend in Review – Food Festival

ughhh i hate writing these cause it means the weekend is over, and i just didn’t want this weekend to be over. i had so much fun; but that is pretty much every time my mom comes to visit. and this time she brought my aunt, it was her first weekend here since her baby girl moved up. it was a moms+ baby girls weekend, of course it was fun!

i mean look at those smiles !

saturday we went downtown to the food & wine festival.

so much yummy food !

i also didn’t mind picking up the bogo coupons for some of my fave spots including chipotle (get in my belly sofritas bowl) and this italian ice place where we got this awesomee refreshing strawberry lemon treat (pictured left).

this shrimp & grits won for the day. i don’t even eat grits (!) and i had 3 plates so far lol.

also this tuna + rice + salad bowl; magnifique!

needless to say after all the sun, walking and food, we all needed a nap.

and then we needed some more food. we ended up at my most frequented sushi place where we had the sweetest waiter ever.

keelson (the waiter) was just so thoughtful and nice, like that’s not common anymore. before we left i borrowed his pen to write him a note. i basically told him that his positivity and thoughtfulness was appreciated and not to change and that we were so happy he had our table. after i handed it to him, he told me how much he needed it that day.he said he has only been there for 3 wks and he felt like he’s been messing up but like seriously he was the sweetest, we all agreed.

[you turn on the news and its easy to find so much bad in the world, writing that note made me feel like i was spreading a little light to help out. but honestly it was because of him, he exemplified true customer service. i wish other people stopped to tell a stranger something nice every now and then. maybe the world would be a little less dark you know?]

sunday we slept in and i did some arts and crafts before running some errands for my mom… and grabbing some more of that italian ice!

and then the moms had to go back home 😦 and that made the baby girls sad 😥



3 thoughts on “Weekend in Review – Food Festival

  1. Granny says:

    You certainly had a wonderful weekend – the food and ices looked so yummy. I love Chipolte too. So happy you had a great time with Mom and Auntie, Uncle and cousin and never to forget Little Missy.

    Love and kisses

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  2. Francoise says:

    I don t Know Dwight’s family side, i don t know Tony’s family side exce pt for the nicest sisters, wives, husbands and cousins i meet occasionally in Miami, aside from Pat and Teresa, i don t Know the Jonh well.
    However i know exactly from which side of the family you got your love for cooking and eating good food!

    Liked by 1 person

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