Weekend in Review – Red Lobster + House Work

i didn’t feel like cooking on friday so we went out to eat, lol. and being pescatarian means red lobster was right up my alley. and red lobster is having lobster fest!

i had the ultimate feast i think? lobster mac n cheese sitting on top of a lobster tail, mashed potatoes and lobster medallions stuffed with a seafood mix. some roasted green beans and sun dried tomatoes too.

Saturday was leg day at the gym for me and then gardening and house sorting out.

we will be moving from our current residence to another pretty soon so i was trying to go thru and give/throw away stuff. D was trying to get the yard together. i want to move with less things than is our house, cause damn we have a lot of stuff. it’s a possibility we will be downsizing to a 3br house but we have our eyes and hearts set on a 4br.

and then i used a bogo chipotle coupon for dinner. sofritas bowl for the win!

sunday morning we got up and got ready for our early house showing. we were literally getting in the car to leave when we got a text that said it was cancelled for monday (but our appt was for sunday). We got a cancellation email for the second showing and then found out the it was no longer available. bummer.

we drove to the first one anyway cause the text had the wrong date and we didn’t get a cancellation email and the guy wasn’t answering his phone. we didn’t want to miss the opportunity to see the house and let them know we were interested but no luck. we drove by another house on our list. nice neighborhood, but small unfenced yard.


we picked up some more mulch and then went to breakfast.

did you know it takes a ton of mulch to complete any project? we have a small flowerbed out front and one along the backwall of our backyard. we got 12 bags to start figuring it would be enough.

[i told D people at my job complain about how much mulch they end up using. we ended up going back to the store TWICE to finish the job. And its still a pretty thin layer.]

We ended up using THIRTY bags! thankfully we got them on sale. $1 bags !

Also here’s some cookies I made last week:


3 thoughts on “Weekend in Review – Red Lobster + House Work

  1. Granny says:

    I di dnot know you were planning on moving And, yes, if you have been in the house for as long as you have one is inclined to accumalate a terrific amount of stuff. Think only of all the shoes you have bought in 3 years, Ha! Ha! Like Mom, Like daughter and daughter.


  2. tairaxo says:

    I’m officially craving lobster now. And those cookies are gorgeous. I’m your newest follower. I’d love for you to stop by my site if you get a chance. I’ll be back to visit soon 🙂


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