Weekend in Review- Cake & Kabobs

i love my 3 day weekends.

we let baby girl stay home on friday and ran some errands.

later we went to a tournament basketball game, baby girl was not excited for pictures.

saturday D had to work an event so little mama and me tried to organize the house a little bit. you know, some sweeping and mopping and shower scrubbing. a little mirror cleaning and sink + counter washing.

later we grilled some food for game night. im still doing the pescatarian thing so i made a black bean burger + some shrimp and green pepper shish kabobs.

i also made this rustic stars & sprinkles cake.

we actually didn’t even play any games it was more like dinner + hang out at our house. which is cool too. i fell asleep on the couch. i might have even snored.

sunday we realized that the time change happened and were sleepyheads. didn’t make it to church.

we went to an open house that could be promising, but didn’t beat out our top house picks. i put it at the bottom of the list anyway; the master bedroom was pretty awesome.

later we went to the championship game of the tournament.

and then monday happened.




2 thoughts on “Weekend in Review- Cake & Kabobs

  1. Patricia John says:

    Well you certainly fill your weekends. This weekend have Bert and sons, so pretty hectic, cooking, laundry and other things. Love your cake, was it all chocolate? How pretty the little Missy is.


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